Super Attractor Summary – January 2022

Author: Gabrielle Bernstein

Short Summary
Super Attractor (2019) guides you on how you can master the art of happiness. Moreover, the author of her book motivates the readers to find the purpose of life on a spiritual level.
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Detailed Summary

The book Super Attractor is a reminder for us to think about the questions like:

“Are you actually happy in your life?”

“Are you living a meaningful life or just surviving?”

“What’s your purpose in life?”

The book makes you realize to sit back and ask yourself these questions and try to find answers of them.  Listen to your heart. What does it say?

The dreams you wanted to achieve since your childhood but somehow stopped trying to get closer to them. You started doing a 9-5 job which drains you completely when you come back home. You get anxious managing your work life and social life. You need to get a break and think that is this what you wanted to do in your life?

In the book, Super Attractor, the author Gabrielle Bernstein tells the readers to find the true meaning of life. Figure out the life you wanted to live and what makes you happy.

The author relates the happiness of life with spirituality. She has shared her journey of finding happiness.

Super Attractor Key Points

There is no such thing as useless thoughts

According to the author Gabrielle Bernstein, every thought that comes to our mind has a meaning. There is no such thing as useless thoughts. We need to pay attention to these thoughts whether good or bad. They come to either protect us, teach us, make us happy or give us a lesson. This is completely normal.

The universe responds to the kind of vibe we give off

Whatever we think has an impact on our lives and it gives energy to the Universe. Not only this but the Universe responds to the vibes we give off. If we give positive vibes, we will receive positivity in return. Similarly, if we think negatively, negative energy is given to the Universe and hence negativity comes back to us.

So, this teaches us a lesson that even though our brain has the power to think. Even if negative thoughts come to our mind, let them come in but focus on their origin and where they are coming from. Don’t let the negative thoughts control your brain so that the positivity takes hold. Only then, we will be peaceful and our life will become easy. We will eventually be happy in our lives.

We choose to be happy

The author says that it’s always our choice to be happy or sad. Although everyone wants to be happy in their lives the more, they chase happiness, the more it becomes difficult to get it. She says that we need to learn how to choose happiness and feel good.

We don’t need any reason to feel good. The writer here criticized the thought that if we want to be happy, we have to earn it by working hard for it. She considers it destructive to think that this means everyone doesn’t deserve happiness and only people who work hard and chase it deserve to be happy in their lives.

Think about things that made you happy in past

Gabrielle in her book Super Attractor reveals her formula of feeling good and happy. She says that if you want to feel good you need to think about any past event that made you happy. In this you can be happy in present as well. In this way, you will feel positive and thankful for the good times you had in your life.

Besides this, take some time out for yourself. Relax, exercise, meditate, write your journal and have a “me-time”.  It will definitely make you feel good.

Power of Appreciation

Another great lesson that Super Attractor gives to its reader is that appreciating what you have and counting your blessing really helps to feel good. Otherwise, negative thoughts can easily make you feel ungrateful. You need to stay positive and appreciate your life. Whatever you have and whatever you lost.

The writer shares the story of her friends who motivated her to appreciate the things we have in our lives. One of her Jessica constantly supported her to achieve her dreams. They both clapped for each other in their good times and supported each other in their hard times.

She also shares the story of her friend Alex who was struggling to fix his bad business decision. He faced a huge loss because of that stupid decision he made. He was really stressed and anxious because of that. But slowly he started learning from his mistakes and realized that profit and loss are a part of the business. He started appreciating his mistakes and learned his lessons from them.

Here, there is a hidden message that the writer trying to convey is that even if there is darkness everywhere, search for the light. And never stop. Focus on positivity and leave negativity behind. Appreciate your failures and learn from them.

Who would I recommend Super Attractor summary to?

All those people who are ungrateful for the blessings that they have and only focus on the things that they lost, need to read this book so that they start counting their blessings and appreciating what they have. The book will surely motivate them to think positively.

Super Attractor Summary - January 2022

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