The World According to Star Wars Summary – May 2022

Author: Cass Sunstein

Short Summary
The World According to Star Wars (2016) was published by Cass Sunstein in 2016. The book explains how ideas are created and how most of the elements of creativity only unfold during the process. It also takes your attention to the fact that once a creative project reaches the tipping point, it spreads like fire. There are factors like time and luck that make a project successful and Star Wars happened to have both on its side.
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Detailed Summary

If you have seen or heard anything about Star Wars you know it involves space, spaceships, alien-like characters, and weapons. What you do not know is that even though it is fictional, there is a lot of lessons to learn from Star Wars. In The World According to Star Wars, Cass Sunstein takes you behind the scenes. You will learn how creativity worked in Star Wars making, how the creator does not control all the factors that lead to the finished project, and how Star Wars presents an outlook on both religion and politics. The book will take you inside the creative brain of the Star Wars creator, to 1970s America, and to a trip back in time in a galaxy far far away all packed inside only a few hundred pages.

The World According to Star Wars Key Points

Creativity is not a Linear Process

You Cannot always plan the ending of the project at hand. If you are a writer or someone who has ever written even just a short story you will agree with what I have to say. When you sit down to write a story you have a proper plot in mind. This conventionally includes your beginning, middle, and conclusion. You begin to write and many ideas come into your mind and you introduce a rising and falling action in your story.

As the story progresses, you give in to adding some plot twists, and most of the time the ending happens to be quite different from what you had imagined in your mind. In the same way, the creator of Star Wars George Lucas confessed in interviews that he did not know how the story would unfold when he started creating the first film. He just wanted to create something with aliens and humans. A film that portrayed humans as villains and aliens as heroes. Everything you watch in the trilogy is the result of the constant creativity that was done during the process. It was not planned beforehand.

This shows that when you work on something creative, things often tend to change from what you had imagined. This may feel scary but trust the process. You cannot foresee everything when it comes to such projects. The key here is to just go with the flow and trust your creative instincts. Be open and welcome uncertainty!

Star Wars and both time and Luck by its side

You know by now that movies, seasons, and books are huge sources when people want to escape. What do you do after a hectic and tiring week when you have no energy left? Most of you might have replied that you get in comfortable PJs and binge-watch your favorite season the entire Saturday. This is the kind of escapism people needed in the late 1970s. No, it wasn’t an ordinary hectic day or a bad couple of years in the state. I am talking about the economy going into a rut, the cold war, important personalities being killed like Martin Luther King jr., the Watergate scandal, the energy crisis, and the ongoing Vietnam War. In short, the 1970s were a tumultuous time and people needed something to escape. Something that did not remind them of these events.

So yes nothing from your typical historical fiction or reality-based genre worked and Star Wars: an American epic space-opera multimedia franchise did the exact job. It took the people to a galaxy far away from where Luke Skywalker’s was on a quest to become a Jedi and showed them his struggle with the evil Imperial agent Darth Vader, and the struggle to free the galaxy from the hands of the Galactic Empire.

The second factor that played in the favor of Star Wars was its luck. Gen Z and millennials will be quite familiar with the concept of tipping point but let me make it easier for you. Remember how a few years back Money Heist became insanely popular and everywhere from Facebook to Instagram you started seeing clips and memes from the show? Then all of your friends started watching and praising it. Soon you fell into the peer pressure and binge-watched it too. This is what happened with Star Wars. Initially, People watched it to escape and it was so good that soon it was everywhere. Its most famous jokes and dialogues including the infamous one: ‘I’m your father’ were on everyone’s tongue. As it was everywhere in every discussion more and more people watched Star Wars and today there is a huge fandom related to this franchise.

The World According to Star Wars Quotes

“Lawrence Kasdan has this to say about Star Wars: “Force Awakens, New Hope, Empire—these are movies about fulfilling what is inside you. That’s a story that everybody can relate to. Even when you get to be my age, you’re still trying to figure that out. It’s amazing but it’s true. What am I, what am I about, have I fulfilled my potential, and, if not, is there still time? That’s what the Star Wars saga is about.” –Cass R. Sunstein

“A lot of people disparage the Star Wars prequels, and understandably so; they’re not nearly as good as the original trilogy. But in their own way, they’re not just beautiful; they’re also awfully clever. Here’s the best part: all of the choices in the first trilogy are precisely mirrored in the prequels. The two trilogies are about freedom of choice under nearly identical conditions. Lucas was entirely aware of this: “Luke is faced with the same issues and practically the same scenes that Anakin is faced with. Anakin says yes and Luke says no.” –Cass R. Sunstein

The World According to Star Wars Review

The book does a fantastic job of taking you behind what you see on screens. It is not just about what you see in Star Wars. It is about the not-so-linear process of creativity and factors like time of release and popularity trend that we often overlook while analyzing creative projects. You will thoroughly enjoy it if you like to know stuff related to entertainment, Sci-fi, and creative projects in general. Also, the book is a treat for Star Wars fans.

To Whom I would Recommend the World According to Star Wars

  • To the literary nerds who want to learn things about creativity from the most popular fanfictions in the world.
  • Particularly to the fans of the Star Wars franchise.
  • And to anyone who is interested in the Sci-fi genre.

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