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Our Review Process


The team behind the website selects books to review based on a variety of factors, such as popularity, literary merit, and relevance to current events.

Reading & Analysis

Once a book is selected, the team reads it thoroughly to gain a deep understanding of the story, characters, themes, and style. They take notes and highlight important passages. After that the team then analyzes the book, looking at its strengths and weaknesses, and assessing how it fits into the broader literary landscape. They consider factors such as plot, characterization, writing style, pacing, and originality.

Writing the Review & Summaries

Based on their analysis, the team writes a thoughtful and engaging review of the book, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses, and providing a balanced and nuanced evaluation. They also offer insights into the book's themes, ideas, and impact. In addition to the review, the team writes a concise summary of the book, giving readers an overview of the plot, characters, and major themes. The summary is designed to give readers a quick understanding of the book and help them decide whether it's something they want to read.

Editing & Publishing

Once the review and summary are written, the team edits and proofreads them to ensure they are accurate, engaging, and error-free. They then publish the review and summary on the website, along with a rating system that allows readers to easily see how well the book was received.

About Us

At Picky Reads, we're passionate about books. We believe that books have the power to educate, entertain, and inspire, and we're dedicated to helping readers discover the best books out there.  Whether you're a lifelong book lover or just looking for your next great read, PickyReads is your ultimate guide to the world of books.

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