75 Hard: A Tactical Guide to Winning the War with Yourself Summary – January 2022

Author: Andy Frisella

Short Summary
75 hard: A tactical guide to winning the war with yourself outlines exactly how you should prepare your body, mind, and start a new habit, discipline, or routine. You just need to follow five important tasks and do them every day, without fail. These tasks sometimes feel not easy but if you commit to them, you would be winning the war with yourself because it’s a path to the development of mental toughness. For example, one of the tasks is to drink at least one gallon of water a day.
75 Hard: A Tactical Guide to Winning the War with Yourself
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Detailed Summary

“I firmly believe that no matter who you are; man or woman; how intelligent you are; how talented you are; no matter what skills you lack…you can develop mental toughness.” Andy Frisella

The 75 hard is a polarizing book, some of you will love it and some will not. It depends on your perceptions, beliefs, and ethos. It’s not just about the physical modification, but it’s about the mental transformation, about the skills you’ll be developing if you stick to the following tasks. It’s about the self-discipline you’ll be experiencing that you’ve lost somewhere in between the harsh life, and it’s about overcoming obstacles.

The 75 hard includes the ’75 Hard Rules’ that you must follow for straight 75 days for self-improvement.

The 75 hard rules

  • Follow a cheat-free diet.
  • Drink at least a gallon of water.
  • Do two workouts for 45 minutes, one has to be outside.
  • Read 10 pages of non-fiction or self-help books.
  • Take a progress picture every day.

The purpose of 75 Hard: A tactical guide to winning the war with yourself

The childhood of Andy Frisella wasn’t exciting but his father was supportive enough to teach him about mental toughness. And that helped Andy to build a successful vast business. Everything was going well until the night he nearly lost his life.

He was coming back from the club with his friends and he heard a sound from a car that a guy was yelling at one of his friend’s racial slurs. Andy started to ignore him but when he walked away, the guy attacked him. Andy was injured by multiple injuries but he miraculously managed to survive.

The scars didn’t heal and it got upsetting for him every time whenever people asked him about those scars. He felt embarrassed that he was going to give up. But one day, he met a woman whose face was also scary, and after talking to her, he overcame his feelings of embarrassment and started a podcast to talk about his experiences, business, and life lessons with others.

One day, there was a guest in his show who finished off 50 ironmans in 50 states and just in 50 days. He realized to Andy that mental toughness is a pathway to happiness. And you have it by always putting yourself intentionally in an uneasy situation.

Andy Frisella teaches others to be mentally tough. That’s the reason he created a 75 hard challenge and his guests’ stories helped him in creating.

75 Hard Key Points

Follow the 5 tasks straight 75 days for the 75 hard challenge

You should complete the 75 days challenge to improve your mental toughness and achieve everything you wish in your life.

The first task is to follow up on a diet. Diet can be anything according to your health or weight but it must be without any cheating i.e. no alcoholics.

The second task in 75-days is to drink at least a gallon of water every day. It helps in balancing the weight and you’ll be less hungry. This isn’t something easy but this is something you can do every day. Wherever you find water around you, you must intake it by reminding yourself that water is a way to flourish your life.

The third is completing the 45-minutes workouts. You can do it inside your house but it’s better to do one workout outside. It can be just to walk for a workout.

Another one is to read 10 pages of non-fiction daily for personal development. Reading is a great habit to make a change in your life. 

The fifth and the last one is about taking a progressing picture. This is the easier one but most of the time people miss taking pictures. The best way to do this task is to set a reminder and take a progressing picture every day at the same time.

Oh but remember one thing, you’ll have to start from day one if you miss any of the tasks.

You need to be aware of the ‘Eight phases’ of the challenge and be prepared for it

You’ll be excited for the first week of 75 hard and will be learning a lot. The habits you don’t consider, that’ll help you improve it.

The second week will be to discover the disciplines and dangers. Then you’ll be starting to value your time and wonder why you didn’t push yourself harder before.

The next 15 to 21 days would be marked by exterminating the reasons, quitting, and more.

For the next days 22 to 28, you’ll be experiencing the huge transformation and ‘The Moment of Manifestation’. You’ll be getting changed into something amazing.

During days 29 to 35, your life would be in a flow state and you’ll be growing into a fearless personality.

Then in the next days 36 to 49, you’ll be starting to experience your real self and curious about the end of the 75 hard challenge.

In between days 59 to 63, you’ll be reaching the phase of expertise and start having a dip in enthusiasm.

And yet from 64 till the end, your mental toughness would be at its peak and you’ll be able to apply your mental toughness to your life.

To whom I would recommend The 75 hard: A tactical guide to winning the war with yourself summary?

  • Those competent enough to take and complete the 75-hard challenge to make themselves mentally tough.
  • Those who want to be improved but couldn’t find a way to stick to the disciplines.

75 Hard: A tactical guide to winning the war with yourself reviews

It is a life-changing experience. Andy, his work, his podcast, and his books (children’s books included) are amazing tools to utilize. I’ve lost 60lbs on this program during the 2021 year. Jordan Caldwell

Common sense approach to mental and physical toughness. The transformation you will undergo is amazing. Pick up this book and change your life today. Carlye White

Worth it every time. I’m on my 2nd round of 75 hard, and I’m grateful for the time I’ve spent engaged in this program. For anyone hoping to change their life for the better, this is a good step to take. Gabriel Lancaster