A New Earth Summary – March 2022

Author: Eckhart Tolle

Short Summary
A New Earth (2005) summary will tell us how we can make our life better by letting go of our egos. The author has blamed the ego which creates suffering in our lives. Moreover, the book teaches us to accept things as it is and focus on the present.
A New Earth Summary
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Detail Summary

The book by Eckhart Tolle guides us on how we can turn our sufferings into peace and change our lives by accepting things as it is.

We all suffer in our lives in one way or another. Sufferings have different forms and types like anger, jealousy, anxiety, depression, and grief.

But we have control over our lives and make our lives better. People who cry over their past and live in the past make their sufferings even worse. Whereas those who accept it and move on making their life peaceful. And that’s what the author teaches us in his book.

Moreover, the author teaches us to let go of our ego as it is the root cause of our sufferings. When we separate ourselves from ego, we can make our lives peaceful.

A New Earth Summary Key Points

Our reactions have a connection with our consciousness

We react to others in a variety of ways, ranging from blaming and complaining to physical violence between individuals, groups, and countries. We can learn not to respond if we can perceive someone else’s behavior as emanating from their egos. Non-reaction to others is crucial for the Earth because it permits the collective human ego to dissolve in the end. It’s a strength that Tolle believes is our most important protection because it brings out the rationality in ourselves and others.

It doesn’t imply we can’t express our dissatisfaction; voicing concerns about quality is fine as long as we don’t let our egos get in the way. The issue is that our blaming is often accompanied by resentment, upset, or fury. This leads to complaints, which become collective and ingrained in the mentality of a nation, frequently resulting in ongoing violence. Separation from others and sentiments of superiority result from clinging to the ego.

When we complain, we believe that we are correct and that others are incorrect, which gives our egos a boost. In a conflict situation, each party believes their own tale and refuses to listen to another. Each has a firm grip on their own truth. We need to be non-reactive to our own and other people’s egos. We have the ability to be compassionate.

Moreover, Tolle believes that if religions are considered as ideologies, they will only serve the ego so religion can’t help us in saving the World and gives us the solution to our problem. As the “Christ inside” is referred to by Jesus, Buddhists refer to the “Buddha-nature,” and Hindus refer to the “atman,” or “in-dwelling god.”

Be Like a duck

Next in A New Earth Summary is to be like a duck and stop overthinking. This is because a duck knows how to move on. When ducks fight, they immediately go in the opposite directions and move on in their lives.

To advocate this statement, the author also shared the story of two Buddhists:

The Two Buddhist monks were traveling along a muddy road, it was raining heavily, and they came across a beautiful woman who was unable to cross an intersection due to the heavy rain and bad weather. Looking to her, the first Buddhist assisted that woman by picking her up and transporting her to the other side, and after helping her, both Buddhists left for their journey. When they arrived at their destination, the second Buddhist asked the first Buddhist, saying, “We Buddhists aren’t supporting you.”

“I left that girl there,” the first Buddhist remarked, “are you still holding her?”

Just like that humans should learn to move on and part their ways in the right time. Humans have a nature of living in their past and carry small issues for so long.  Overthinking and overanalyzing any situation can make it even worse for you. So be like a duck and try to forget things easily and don’t keep things in your minds and hearts.

The secret to living a happy life is to accept things as it is

Another lesson that the book gives to us is that when we start accepting the things or whatever good or bad happened to us, our life becomes easier. This is the secret of living a happy and joyful life.  The author says that accept every moment, do whatever you have to do in any given moment, do things peacefully without making judgments and be open-minded, live in the moment, and work hard and smart for the future.

Everybody’s life is difficult in one way or another but by accepting things the way they are can help us to make our life peaceful. Settling in the “present” and “now” of any situation can change our perspective and eventually our lives.

Who would I recommend A New Earth summary to?

A New Earth Summary is recommended to those who are stuck in their past and cry over their toxic ex every day Moreover, a person who overanalyses things and blames himself for every inconvenience that happens in his life needs to read this book which will teach him to be like duck and stop overthinking.

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