Abundance Summary – January 2022

Author: Steven Kotler, Peter H. Diamandis

Short Summary
Abundance (2012) is a book in which the authors show us the brighter side of technology and how it will revolutionize the future in a positive way. Moreover, the authors Peter and Steven give us a lesson of positivity. He says that be positive and try to eliminate negativity from your life.
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Detailed Summary

The Abundance book is written by two authors named Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Kotler that was published on February 21, 2012. Both the authors believe in positivity and have a positive outlook on life.
In Abundance, the positive impact of technology is explained. Besides this, the authors have tried to show the optimistic view of the future and convince those who think the future is dark and gloomy because of technology.

According to the author, the future is actually better than what you think. In the future, we will be smarter. We will be able to work smartly and deal with every situation efficiently. As technology is advancing day by day, we will get more efficient in the future. The things that we assume are impossible will become possible in the future.

Abundance Key Points

Fear of Future

In the Abundance book, the authors have tried to remove the fear of the future among the readers especially those who blame it on technology. The authors think that it is because

of the fake news channel that spreads negativity and the people who watch the news every time. When they watch them, they start believing everything they tell. People believe what they see. It is human nature. All they need to do is to stop watching the news channel that only has negative news to spread.

Moreover, the people who are convinced that the future is dark have a lizard brain that is hungry, scared, angry, and horny. Because of the small brain, people not only believe that the future is gloomy but have developed a fear of it. Such people badly need to stop watching the news and be optimistic in their lives. It will not only make their future bright but also the present.

Secondly, abundance teaches us a lesson that every problem that we are facing today is related to one another. And if we solve them simultaneously, we will be able to eradicate more problems and hence future can be secured.

To defend this statement, an example is shared that by eradicating Malaria which is faced by a lot of Africans. Not only their health will be secured but it will also have a positive impact on the economy as the population.
As fewer people will get sick, more people will be employed which will eventually increase the economy. Moreover, it will increase tourism as it will become safer for visitors.

Just like that, if we look at energy consumption and generation, the rate of consumption is higher than the generation. So, if we start generating high-density energy from algae that grow in saltwater, it will be beneficial for us in so many ways. As we the energy generation can solve the environmental problems as well. In this way, we can remove algae, generate high-density energy and lessen environmental problems. So many problems can be solved simultaneously and help in a bright future.

Celebrate your failure

The book motivates its readers to always learn from their mistakes and not only celebrate success but also celebrate your fears. It will empower you.

Just like America where there is a culture of celebrating their failures. This culture is often criticized by other countries especially Germany. But the failure culture of America inspires the people to never quit and always try. There is always room for improvement and there is no shame in experiments.

The book also encourages to give chance to small companies as well. It will help in finding creative people. When the prize is not big, it does not grab the attention of huge companies and so the small companies want to participate and they come forward. In this way, we get good ideas and discover innovative people. Let’s take an example of MIT which holds a competition in which small teams are given a chance to showcase their skills and run a business experiment in 5 days. For that, they offer $5000 or less than that.

Who would I recommend the Abundance summary to?

The Abundance book summary is highly recommended to people who have a fear of the future and always believe in fake news. It will motivate them to have a positive outlook on the future. Similarly, people who always think negatively and question their skills need to read this book and start believing in themselves. Lastly, tech lovers should give it a read.