An Audience of One Summary – June 2022

Author: Robin Dellabough, Srinivas Rao

Short Summary
An Audience of One (2018) emphasizes the importance of creating for yourself. It is a guide for creators who are looking to create work that is more personal but at the same time has the quality to reach a wider audience; earning them the fame and money they desire.
an audience of one
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Detailed Summary

An Audience of One revolves around the centuries-old discussion of separating the art from the artist. It cherishes those moments when you completely forget about the time that is fleeting and your surroundings. In such moments, you create art and it feels like you are at your maximum capacity, doing what you love and creating something beautiful. Whether it is writing your next favorite novel, or painting a new landscape. You feel as if you are in a flow and totally aligned with your creative side. When this happens we are not thinking about numbers, the comments of our investors, or if the audience will clap. We feel so indulged that we forget about the economic or profitable aspect of the thing that we are creating. Real and best art can be only created when we set our intentions right, focus on ourselves, separate the product from the process and let go of the comments, reviews, and competitions.

According to the authors of the book Robin Dellabough and Srinivas Rao, when we free ourselves from the burden of thinking that there is an audience out there to please we create art that pleases and satisfies us. In this book, you will find tips and advice on how to change the dynamics of creating art and how can you practice creating something that satisfies you while earning you the fame and glory you deserve. Being the host of the popular podcast, Unmistakable Creative, Srinivas Rao has interviewed over five hundred creators including Seth Godin, Simon Sinek, Adam Grant, and Danielle LaPorte. The advice in this book is a result of the discussions he had over his podcast. So let us dig in and find out what some of the best creators of the world have to say about creating art!

An Audience of One Key Points

Do not Use External Validation as a Fuel

As a writer, I feel all the artists seek outside validation now and then. Whether it is the form of views on our blogs, reviews of our books, or the reactions of our friends when they read something penned down by us. Sometimes the audience does not clap. Sometimes people don’t like the tone, plot, characters, or writing style. Long story short there are always going to be people who may not be amused by what you write. When we associate our motivation to create with the external validation we lose. Because appreciation will not always be there. Worse, along with having no appreciation, there will be times when you will receive harsh brutal, and negative criticism.

So liberate yourself from these shackles. Why seek validation from outside? You own what you create and nobody knows your art better than you do. Stop looking for appreciation from the outside.

So What Exactly Should Be the Driving Force Behind Our Art

You. You should be the audience you are creating your art for. When you create from the perspective that you are making something for your self you will feel more involved in the process. So you are the audience. Do you like the color pallet you are choosing for this specific woody area landscape? Or should it be duller and more rustic? Do you like how the plot is unfolding? Or would you like to add a few more details before your story reaches the climax? No, do not think about what will your reader think. Think about what you feel would be the best in such a situation.

 According to Dellabough and Rao, when you create for yourself you feel more involved in the process and this is when you create the best art. This mindset will eventually let you get outside appreciation too but only when your primary goal is to please yourself not others. If you are thinking about the audience while creating you are not fully involved and present and thus the results will not be the best of your abilities. You cannot control the audience but you can control yourself so have the right intentions for creating your art. When you focus on the process of creation and setting the right intentions you do not stress over the finished product.

An Audience of One Quotes

“Forget about the bestseller lists, the gallery openings, and the shining lights. The creation of fulfilling creative work is the result of losing yourself in the moment.” –Robin Dellabough and Srinivas Rao

“To become truly unmistakable I have to be willing to ditch the map, travel without a guidebook, and see where it leads me.” –Srinivas Rao

An Audience of One Book Review

The book argues the need for a change in the attitude of creators. Create for yourself not others and eventually, you will get fame, money, and praise too. Written by someone who has done podcasts with over five hundred creative people the advice seems genuine, up close, and personal. You will learn the habits you need to adapt in order to boost your creativity. Overall it is a good read. If you are someone who is easily disheartened by the comments of others on your art or anything you create pick this book up.

To Whom I Would Recommend An Audience of One

  • To the eighteen-year-old artist who is never satisfied by the finished look of his paintings.
  • To the twenty-four-year-old writer whose last book did not sell many copies.
  • And to all the artists out there who are looking for some genuine advice on increasing their creativity.

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