As a Man Thinketh Summary – March 2022

Author: James Allen

Short Summary
As a Man Thinketh (1903) highlights the fact that our thoughts have the power to control our lives and thoughts can turn into reality. If we think positively, positive will happen in our lives, and if we think negatively, negative will happen. The book teaches us to be positive in our lives.
as a man thinketh summary
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Detailed Summary

The book is written by one of the pioneers of the self-help movement James Allen. In his book, he has motivated the readers to be positive in their lives. In order to convey his message to the readers, he has kept the book short and easy to read.

James Allen has emphasized thinking positively as thoughts control our lives and have the power to make our life beautiful or miserable. This is because thoughts turn into reality. Moreover, we say what we think as thoughts first become our words and then actions.

According to the author, we are the directors of our lives and the deed is the blossoming of thoughts, and joy and pain are its fruits. So, whatever man obtains, bitter or sweet, is the result of his own husbandry. However, if you have excellent positive thoughts, they will bring pleasure and happiness into your life. Moreover, people who have no purpose in life are simply adrift in the sea of life. They are prey to minor worries, fears, and difficulties. Every man should think of a genuine reason for living and make it the focus of his thoughts. You will have more attention and self-control if you have a purpose.

As a Man Thinketh Key Points

A man is the sum of his thoughts

The author says that a person is the sum of his thoughts and whatever a man does is the result of his thoughts. A single thought can frequently transform into a massive decision. To help us comprehend this concept better, the author adds that, just as a plant grows from seeds and could not exist without them, every deed of man grows from the hidden seeds of thoughts and could not exist without them. These acts form patterns throughout time, which eventually make up our personality. This is why most pessimistic people lose up on the things they care about more readily because your mindset and your actions are inextricably intertwined. If you don’t start out with confidence and low expectations, you’ll get precisely what you deserve. However, if your thoughts determine your actions, you can change your actions and, as a result, your character by changing your thoughts.

 So, the author suggests we filter away negative thoughts, fight back against negative ideas and stop accepting them as normal. Take charge of your thinking, and you’ll have complete control over your life instead of your thoughts and negativity taking control of your life.

Our thoughts affect our body

Secondly, the book As a Man Thinketh teaches us that our body is the servant of the mind and that our bodies obey the operations of our minds. The author also claims that habits of thought will have their own effect, good or bad and that a clean body will lead to a clean mind and a clean life. The author claims that those who live their lives in fear of disease are the ones who get it and that a sour face is caused by sour thoughts, not by accident.

What do you think has a significant impact on your heart rate, sleep, chronic pains such as migraines, and skin as well. Yes, you can conjure up wrinkled skin in your mind. Thinking positively and concentrating on stimulating thoughts, on the other hand, can help you stay young. So, seize any opportunity to clear your mind of bad thoughts. Assume your mind is a garden, and everything that doesn’t contribute to its growth must be removed. It will empower you and for years to come, you’ll thank yourself.

We are the master of our destiny

Because your ideas and actions are always in a cause-and-effect relationship with the outside environment, they are inextricably linked. This means that external forces have the greatest influence on your life. Like the weather, economy, politics, your employer, whether you have good or bad luck—so many factors in your life are out of your control. But it’s not quite as simple as that. It’s simple to play the victim. You can just shirk responsibility and blame everything on the outside world. What the author wants to say is that it’s not that external forces don’t have influence, but that on balance we are each the master of our own destiny.

In fact, your thoughts, actions, and personality have at least as much impact on the world as the world does on you. What drives you are your thoughts and attitudes. As a result, because of the way she is, you can’t explain a person’s character by looking at the surroundings she lives in or forecasting the conditions she’ll end up in. Many admirable and possibly actually nice people are imprisoned, while other greedy jerks profit from other people’s misfortune.

Who would I recommend As a Man Thinketh Book to?

As a Man Thinketh is recommended to anyone who assumes a lot and makes stories in their head and always thinks negatively. The book will teach them to be positive and how to control their thoughts.

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