Aware Book Summary – May 2022

Author: Daniel J. Siegel

Short Summary
Aware (2018) is a book that raises awareness about meditation and mindfulness published by a psychiatrist, mental health professional, and meditator named Daniel J. Siegel. The book lays everything you need to know in order to be fully present at the moment, out on the table.
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Detailed Summary

Aware book is your guide to a life without overthinking and stress. It teaches its readers to live in the present thereby canceling out the possibility of all the stress and anxiety we often feel while thinking about the future and past. Daniel J. Siegel argues that being aware is the key to a prosperous life with perfect mental and physical health. In his book Aware he presents to you several examples and shreds of evidence from his life and the works of several scientists so that you can attain mindfulness and be merry.

The keys to living a mindful and happy life are simply explained by the author in terms of focused attention, awareness, and intention. He also explains that having a positive and loving intention towards yourself and others can lead to better mental health. Awareness is about becoming receptive to the world in which we live. But most of us are just reactive. Being more receptive helps us to reach a better understanding of ourselves, the world we live in, and the people around us.

Aware Book Key Points

The Modern Human is Never Fully Aware

You might want to disagree with this claim. Arguing that you are mostly concentrated and focused on the tasks you perform throughout the day. Just like I would say as I sit down to write this article. But are we aware and present in the moment? In moments when we are not tackling urgent tasks, we are mindlessly switching through channels or scrolling through social media platforms. While doing anything throughout our day something else is constantly running in our minds. Just as background music in a movie.

This shows that we are never really present in the place we are or never really connect with the people around us. We are always somewhere else. Our minds are full but we are never mindful. According to Daniel J. Siegel, this is not a very admirable way of living. To fully live and enjoy life, we need to be more present or as he puts it, ‘aware’.

Meditation Is Not Only Related to a Better Mental Health

If you have read some other books that advocate the incorporation of meditation in your life; you might have realized that most of the authors only focus on the mental benefits we ripe from meditating. Of course, several benefits occur. When you block out all the negativity, noises, and voices and focus on one thing every day for several minutes it reduces your tendency to overthink. You become more composed and appear calmer. But what several books tend to discard while explaining the miraculous effects of meditation are the physical aspects.

Let me shock you by telling you that regular meditation can boost your immune system so that you can fight infections and slow down aging. If these facts are not enough for you to start meditating let me state a few more that were recently found out by several scientists. Meditation can lower your blood pressure, maintain healthy cholesterol levels, and can help in improving your cardiac health. So, if you can secure multiple physical and mental benefits just by allotting a few minutes of your day in quiet and peace why not get started right now?

Focused Attention, Awareness, and Intention

These are the three main keys you need to open the gate towards becoming completely mindful. Firstly, you need to be attentive. Not just ‘I am in a classroom to learn’ kind of attentive.’ I love this and I want to do more of it’ kind of attention is what you are aiming to achieve. This happens when you are immersed in an activity that you truly love. So, aim at gaining that state if you want to be truly mindful. The second is awareness.

This factor is more about being where you are. If you are sitting in a room right now. Look around without getting lost in a particular thing. Observe the light, the voices the temperature around you. In short, look at where you are without focusing on one thing. The third is intention. To achieve this, you need to generate a positive, compassionate, and loving understanding of yourself and the people around you. If you can successfully cultivate these three factors in your life you will attain mindfulness. That will lead you towards both mental and physical blissfulness.

Aware Book Quotes

“Having an awakened mind means using the mental processes of attention, awareness, and intention to activate new states of mind that, with repeated practice, can become intentionally sculpted traits in a person’s life.” ― Daniel J. Siegel

“Being more open and letting go of judgment and anticipation expands our awareness of all the vicissitudes of life.” ― Daniel J. Siegel

Aware Book Review

Aware by Daniel J. Siegel is not just a rambling about how mindfulness and meditation can elevate your life spiritually. It provides you with empirically proven and well-researched data by scientists so that you can be assured of the miraculous advantages of meditation and awareness. It teaches you to take care of yourself mentally and physically just by taking out a few minutes from your day that is usually filled with the hustle and bustle of life. If you are not convinced by the advantages of meditation by the online gurus you need to give this book a try because the evidence and examples will change your mind.

To Whom I Would Recommend Aware Book

  • To the forty-two-year-old lady who always feels zoned out.
  • The eighteen-year-old college student who cannot focus on one thing because his mind is clustered with several ideas in a single moment.
  • And to everyone who thinks that meditation only improves mental health.

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