Be Where Your Feet Are Summary – Secrets of Living Peacefully

Author: Scott O’Neil

Be Where Your Feet Are (2021) is an eye-opener that we make a choice to be happy in our lives. The author has revealed the secret to living a peaceful and meaningful life. By living the present moment leads you to become a happier, richer, and more successful person.
be where your feet are

“Making the most of each moment and ridding ourselves of the toxic habit of constantly looking forward to the next thing. Be where your feet are.”
― Scott M. O’Neil

Detailed Summary

The author says that from taking big decisions in our lives to small events in our daily life, we make a choice. Sometimes we choose work over chilling with our family or friends. Sometimes we choose studies over watching a movie. But in all situations, we choose between two options considering the importance of one over another.

When we choose one thing over another, we make a choice in the hope of getting more benefit from it than the other option. Similarly, we lose those benefits that we could get from the alternative option.

Let’s take an example if we choose work over spending time with our family or friends. We lose the opportunity to have quality time with our family and friends, which can relax our minds. In this way, we can make a choice to have a meaningful and peaceful life.

Be Where Your Feet Are Summary – Key Points

This book, Be Where Your Feet Are, reveals the secret of living peacefully by enjoying and living the present moment. How to untangle the infinite loops of choices is what this book teaches. Instead of recommending which path is good for you, it tells you which path is better for you.

Learn how to cherish the present moment by adapting the below tips.

Stay positive

When you become a positive person and don’t let negativity take control over your life. Your life becomes peaceful. You always get what you give.

This is the law of attraction which means that whatever kind of energy you give off, either positive or negative, returns back to you. When you will be kind to others, people will also reciprocate kindness.

“challenging me to identify who I wanted to become and why.”
― Scott M. O’Neil

Never Judge anyone too quickly

Are you a judgy person who quickly starts finding faults in others?

The book teaches us a lesson that judging someone or assuming anything too soon leads to misunderstanding and can destroy your peace. Always focus on the good side of a situation and keep the judgments aside.

To advocate this, the author has shared an example: if you are in a coffee shop and you see someone who cuts the line or forgot to hold the door for you. At that very moment, it’s natural that you start assuming bad about that stranger at a coffee shop.

But instead, if you assume that he may be in a hurry, distracted, or something is going on in his mind, you can stay positive in this way.

Learn from Failures

Another lesson that the book Be Where Your Feet Are teaches is that we fail in many life situations. Even if we work hard, we sometimes fail at it. But we should learn from our failures. Overcome our weaknesses and never repeat those mistakes.

This is life, and this is how it works. We cannot control our failure and success. But we can control our reaction to failure. When we control our reactions, we start learning from failures and eventually fail in a productive way. When we leave room for failure or improvement, we never get disappointed by our failures and setbacks. We learn and try harder the next time.

“The important part is to set an intention for your day and for your life. A daily mantra is one way to do that; another is creating a Leadership Constitution.”
― Scott M. O’Neil

Be patient

It’s natural that when you fail repeatedly, you get disappointed. When you want to achieve your goals and ambitions, you are trying hard for them and still miserably failing to achieve them. You get disheartened and demotivated.

Now here the question is how we can stop being disappointed.

The answer is patience. Patience is the key. Always trust the process. The process can be tiring or might drain you. But you have to stay strong and be patient. Always believe in yourself and your skills. Success will surely come to you.

Bigger goals take more time and effort to be accomplished. For example, in order to support your own home in five years will take additional time and face a lot a larger number of difficulties than simply endeavoring to lease a superior-looking apartment.

Be straightforward with regard to the size of your objective, and trust that you will accomplish it by being patient and pushing through.

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Live the Present Moment

“If you must look back, do so forgivingly. If you must look forward, do so prayerfully. However, the wisest thing you can do is to be present in the present. Gratefully. —Maya Angelou”
― Scott M. O’Neil

Do exactly what the author suggests in his book. Live the present moment brings so much peace and tranquility that makes you the happiest person on the earth. When you start to enjoy your job and love to do your house chores, you are entering in the world of accepting the present situation.

However, enjoying the present moment is the most unignorable and neglected. So start today and enjoy every little thing that happens in your life.

Who would I recommend Be Where Your Feet Are summary to?

The book is recommended to workaholics who always focus on their work and stop living their life. They forget the true meaning of life because of their work; they need to read this book. It will help them understand the true meaning of life and the importance of friends and family besides work. Moreover, people who are anxious and demotivated to achieve their dreams need to read this book.

Be Where Your Feet Are Summary - February 2022

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