Born to Win Book Summary – Secrets to Get Successful

Author: Zig Ziglar, Tom Ziglar

Born to Win (2012) argues that success is inherent, but you must take the necessary steps to find it. In Born to Win book, Zig Ziglar and Tom Ziglar break down the magic recipe to success. It will teach you to become great. You need to have the courage to begin. Passion, Plan, Perseverance, and Commitment are very main and easy factors that determine our success, but in our daily life, we ignore them. This book will teach you how to use these basic factors in your favor.
born to win book

Detailed Summary of Born to Win Book

The authors begin the book by establishing the argument that everyone is born to become successful. Thereby putting everyone in the same line and rejecting the excuses we often make for our failures in our lives.

All the excuses like: He has better resources, he is well of, he has more time, it’s easier for him are discarded with the title of the book that restates the main idea of the book: We all are winners. We need to figure out our own paths in order to reach the success that is destined for us.

The book will teach you to not only plan your journey but plan the fuel you need to carry on! If you have the right way, motivation, perseverance, and commitment will eventually lead you to the end. If you have formed and identified an ambition and you understand its true meaning and purpose, it will reinvigorate you. This will give you the internal desire you require to go through your journey and achieve exceptional results.

Born to Win Book Key Points

Do you want to become a winner in your life? What do you think is much needed for winning? The secret of winning in life lies in setting goals and taking valuable advice from intellectual people. Moreover, you must prepare yourself to overcome every unseen force that comes the way to get success in every aspect of your life.

The following key points will reveal the unique secrets of success discipline that make you a winner.

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Plan your Wins

As humans, we are attracted to success like flies to light, but we often ignore that nothing comes without effort. That is why Zig Ziglar and Tom Ziglar have teamed up to bring you the lessons you need to learn if you want to succeed. Realize that every win and success is a product of multiple things. These things include effort, time, and planning.

Everyone is a Winner

Cliché right? Although I just said everyone is a winner, our authors have brought a twist to this infamous saying. Yes, everyone’s a winner, but we often neglect the winner inside us to the point where we can no longer find it. So the question is: How to find your winner?

The Two P’s: Passion and Plan

Like every recipe comes down to a few basic ingredients compulsory for its formation, success also has a recipe. The two main ingredients are passion and planning. If you do not have the enthusiasm and fervor to succeed, winning might become… unattainable! Only desire and passion will motivate you to continue your journey when things get hard.

Along with passion, you need to do the work. The first and foremost step you can take in order to succeed is to plan. Every step, every failure, I mean the whole process. As you plan, try to keep the end result in mind. For example, I plan to write better and three thousand words daily. If I achieve it, I will be making a better career for myself as a writer. By keeping this end goal for myself, I will be able to stay motivated.

Adjust and Wait

After planning your win, Adjust by realizing your vision through commitment and perseverance. When you feel torn down, and motivation does not seem to be coming from anywhere, your commitment to winning will help you to chin up and work hard. Perseverance will help you to accept all the troubles and trials with open arms.

You will begin to realize that setbacks and failures are temporary.  After setting the right motivation, planning each step, adjusting your personality, and everything else according to your goals, Wait. Success does not happen overnight. You will have to stay consistent and be patient.

Take Advice

You do not need to do it all alone. Take advice from people that you deem important and successful. Those who have walked the same path as you. Read books that resonate with your definition of success, and listen to ted talks and your mentors. Take help if you need it. This will provide you with more motivation and the clarity that you seek in order to win.

Born to Win Book Quotes

“If you pay that price daily by planning and preparing and working to become the right kind of person, then you can legitimately expect to have all that life has to offer.” –Zig Ziglar

“One of the main reasons people fail to reach their full potential is because they are unwilling to risk anything. They are fearful of losing, failing, or getting hurt and just want to do the things they believe will keep them safe.” –Zig Ziglar

“Positive thinking won’t allow you to do anything, but it will allow you to do everything better than negative thinking will.” –Zig Ziglar

Born to Win Book Summary Review

Clearest, Stimulating will help you understand how to live, become happy and succeed. It teaches you to win and become useful for your society at large. It will help you understand your unconscious role in your failure and success and make you focus on the minute things you ignore in your daily life, like understanding your real why and passions.

Overall, the Born to Win book is extremely insightful, with lots of knowledge, a jargon-free writing style, and anecdotes to learn from!

To Whom I Would Recommend Born to Win Book Summary

  • Confused twenty-year-olds on their journey of self-actualization and awareness.
  • Anyone who wants to get better in business or in life in general.
  • To those who let excuses get in the way of their desire to win.