Cashvertising Summary & Review

Author: Drew E. Whitman

Cashvertising (2008) will teach you the tricks of writing irresistible headlines and producing maximum effect through your ads. The secret to gaining a high-profit rate does not solely lie in an amazing product; advertising is a huge part of it as well.

Detailed Summary of Cashvertising

Advertisements that we see on screen are not just catchy words and bright images. These advertisements have certain psychological principles that influence us to buy the products. You can have a great product with multiple unique features.

But if you do not advertise it right; you will not increase the number of sales. The consumer market is highly saturated. There are always a dozen of multiple substitute products than the ones you are selling. So how can you stand out?

The secret of higher sales does not entirely lie in the product it lies in the marketing or as Drew E. Whitman calls it ‘in Cashvertising’. In the following Cashvertising Key Points, you will learn some mind-blowing strategies to persuade your customers without spending thousands of dollars on products and services. So no matter what you want to sell just dig in, learn from the best, and get ready to sell dozens of it!

Cashvertising Summary Key Points

Advertising is like playing with people’s minds. The ad contains rational content that instantly attracts customers. Therefore, you must produce effective ads to grab the attention of the users. In this book, the author shares the secret to selling your products by uttering catchy and more appealing words.

If you are unknown how to make ads more appealing to your customer’s core desire, learn the following key points I have discussed. You will learn how marketers manipulate and divert users’ attention to sell their products to get maximum profit.

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Link Your Product with the Life-force 8 (LF8) Desires

All humans have certain desires that they cannot ignore. Desire compels you to act in a certain way and certain desires cannot be controlled. These are the things that we require to survive and have needed since the beginning of time.

If you are a good marketer, you will observe these desires and use them to sell your products. The life-force 8 desires are compulsory for our survival and happiness. These include the desire to stay alive, to have a good meal, to be safe and secure, to have a companion, to protect our loved ones, to get validation from those who matter to us, and to succeed at what we do.

So if you are a marketer you should aim at connecting your product with one of these desires. Humans want these desires to be met in one way or another. So if I am out there advertising a giant fluffy pillow who is going to buy it?

There will be millions of similar pillows on the market. On the other hand, for the sake of good advertisement, I can relate my product to one of these desires. I can say that the pillow is so soft that it feels like hugging your favorite person and at night it will make you feel warm and secure.

This will attract everyone because it meets the two basic needs of survival of humans: companionship and security.

A Four-Ingredient recipe can Make Your Ad Better

This strategy might sound a little wicked but don’t worry we will end it on a positive note. Studying psychology to boost the effectiveness of your ads isn’t evil. The first ingredient to creating a perfect ad is inducing fear.

Make your potential customer know what happens without using the product. For example, if you are selling a sanitizer, you can start by mentioning the number of germs we carry on our hands. From hands, these germs are frequently transferred to everything we touch including our mouth and nose. This can cause infections and blisters.

Second, you must provide a recommendation. This is where your product comes from. Now go ahead and mention your top-notch sanitizer that can prevent infections and blisters by killing 99% of the germs on your hands.

Third, make your product more authentic by explaining how it will solve the problem. You can say that your sanitizer can keep the customers away from infections because it has a higher quantity of two active ingredients named Ethanol and Benzalkonium chloride that battle germs.

Fourth, make the buying process smooth. The customer should feel that taking out a few dollars and buying your sanitizer will quickly save their germ-phobic personality. For the advertisement to work, you will have to put all of these four ingredients. So put all these ingredients in and get back to brewing the best ad ever.

Mention what Makes Your Product Unique

All of us have a big ego and sometimes we go to lengths in order to satisfy them. As a marketer, you can use it to your advantage. It’s the twenty-first century. If you tell me something is highly exclusive, high end or luxurious I will automatically become interested. It can be either a party, a sports car, a limited edition watch, or a house on the moon.

 So why should a customer buy your product? Is there something unique about it? Something that can make his room, house, or personality look more graceful and posh? If your product has any such qualities, make them prominent.

Associate your product with its essence. It can be masculinity or grace. You’d want to buy athletic shoes that will make you look more masculine, won’t you?

Cashvertising Quotes

“Advertising is a subset of communication. Sale is a subset of advertising. Persuasion is a subset of sales. And psychology is a subset of persuasion. –Drew Eric Whitman

“Listen: Your goal is not to create new fears, but to tap into existing fears, either those on the forefront of consumers’ minds or those that require a little digging to uncover.” –Drew Eric Whitman

Cashvertising Review

By reading Cashvertising Summary, you will be finding out the secrets that Drew E. Whitman learned in his thirty years of an advertising career.  These tips are enough to influence your potential customers and increase your sales no matter what you want to sell.

To Whom I Would Recommend Cashvertising Summary

  • To copywriters and designers who want their tag lines to stand out.
  • To PR managers who want to attract more customers to their product.
  • And to anyone who is in the field of advertising, promoting, and marketing.