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the girl in the locked room summary

Do you know: It has won several awards, such as the Edgar Allan Poe Award and the Christopher Award. 3-Sentence Summary In The Girl in the Locked Room, Jules(a 12-year-old brave girl), takes on the challenge of moving into a haunted house. Finding Lily Bennett, a 10-year-old girl trapped as a ghost since her parents’ … Read more

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Get Good With Money Summary

Get Good with Money (2021) is a financial guide that will push you to understand your finances better so that you can earn, save, invest and pay off any debts you have. Tiffany Aliche shows her…

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Cryptoassets Book Summary

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The Wisdom of Finance Summary – Discover Valuable Life Lessons

Author: Mihir Desai Short Summary The Wisdom of Finance (2017) distills complex financial principles into simple and beautiful rules that we can apply daily. It is a practical guide to financial self-sufficiency when you are starting your business. The book also includes a collection of simple techniques and strategies to help you find out where … Read more