Night Road Summary – Get Lost in the Emotional World

night road summary

Author: Kristin Hannah Genre: Fiction, Drama Published: March 22, 2011 Published by: St. Martin’s Press Age Warning: 18+ Length: 416 pages Short Night Road Summary In Night Road Summary, Mia Farraday takes in Lexi Baill, a new kid at school with a troubled past, and becomes her legal guardian. Mia’s twin sons, Zach and Jude, … Read more

Problem Solving 101 Summary & Review

Problem Solving 101 Summary

Problem Solving 101 (2009) is a step-by-step guide to solving all of the worries and troubles you are facing. Whether they are personal, academic, or work-related this short guide will make you a better…

Thanks For The Feedback Summary & Review

Thanks For The Feedback Summary

Thanks For The Feedback (2014) tackles a very basic thing we face every day yet if we become more conscious of it, our efficiency and communication can become better to a larger extent. It is about…