The Wisdom of Finance Summary – Discover Valuable Life Lessons

Author: Mihir Desai Short Summary The Wisdom of Finance (2017) distills complex financial principles into simple and beautiful rules that we can apply daily. It is a practical guide to financial self-sufficiency when you are starting your business. The book also includes a collection of simple techniques and strategies to help you find out where … Read more

The Burnout Fix Summary – Overcome Procrastination to Succeed

The Burnout Fix Summary

Author: Jacinta M. Jiménez Short Summary The Burnout Fix (2021) by Jacinta M. Jiménez is a practical guide to thriving in the surroundings you work in daily. She covered the topics of how to tackle procrastination, set boundaries between personal and professional lives, and identify the unhealthy pattern of behavior that can make you feel … Read more

Multipliers Summary – Best Leader Makes Everyone Smarter

Multipliers Summary

Author: Liz Wiseman, Greg Mckeown Short Summary Multipliers (2010) helps us as leaders multiply our teams’ effectiveness as we employ two distinct leadership behaviors. Like, as focusing on the big goal, empowering team members to pursue it,  and dealing with negative conflict by building relationships and actively resolving it. Leaders can be effective in any … Read more