The $100 Startup Summary – Start Your Business Under $100

the $100 Startup summary and review

Author: Chris Guillebeau Short Summary The $100 Startup (2012) is a business-centered book by Chris Guillebeau, whose aim is to help potential entrepreneurs become aware of the challenges that come with creating a successful small business to generate revenue. It tells how an individual starts his/her own business with just $100. This book allows the … Read more

Zero to One Summary – September 2022

Zero to One (2014) is a guide on making a start-up flourish.  It will show you how to create something new, find your niche, form your tribe, and how you can battle the market competition…

Unlearn Book Summary – August 2022

Unlearn (2018) will teach you to change things that you have applied in the past but no longer bring you success. Growth is realizing that in order to become innovative and successful you…