House of Salt and Sorrows Summary – Intrigue and Dark Magic

Short House of Salt and Sorrows Summary Annaleigh Thaumas, one of the twelve daughters of the wealthy Duke of Salann Islands, investigates the tragic deaths of her sisters, delving into the secrets of their haunted island and uncovering a web of deceit, curses, and family betrayal. One Line Theme The theme of House of Salt … Read more

14 Ways to Die Summary – Unraveling the Cryptic Message

14 ways to die summary

Discover the secrets and unravel the mystery in 14 Ways to Die Summary. Join Detective Martinez on a thrilling journey filled with suspense, danger, and unexpected turns. Short 14 Ways to Die Summary Seventeen-year-old Jessica Simmons takes on a relentless pursuit to bring justice for her mother’s unsolved murder by the Magpie Man, an elusive … Read more

A Matter of Trust Book Summary & Review

a matter of trust book summary

Author: Anne Schraff Synopsis A Matter of Trust by Anne Schraff is the second Bluford Book that explains how two best friends turn into enemies after one is hanging out with other friends. Darcy, the book’s protagonist, befriended Tarah Carson and Cooper Hooden which made Brisana angry and rebellious. She, Darcy Will, is dating Hakeem, … Read more

When You Were Mine Book Summary & Review

when you were mine book summary

Author: Rebecca Serle Synopsis “When You Were Mine” is a love story between two childhood friends who grew up together. Rose and Robe are best friends and live next door to each other. Later, their friendship turns into love, and both feel an infatuation of attraction between them. Rose, aka Rosaline, who always wanted to … Read more