About Dua Hassan:

Hi! My name is Duaa and I hail from Islamabad, Pakistan. I’m an introvert and my personality type is INFP‐T. I have recently graduated from NUML and I was lucky enough to choose English Language and Literature as my major because studying literature was something I had always wanted to pursue.

My favourite genres are Thriller and Historical Fiction. Regarding my reading journey, I read my first book in seventh grade and until intermediate I only read occasionally. I’ve started reading regularly for the past five years. The past four years as a student at university taught me to analyse texts. It fascinated me how writers mould every experience, emotion, and thought into words that last for ages. Finding out the motive behind the writers writing and reviewing their works critically was something I was interested in so I started my blog on Instagram where I was able to create and share my thoughts with a beautiful community who liked reading just as much as I do.

Reading and analysing literary texts inspired me to write. I have been writing poems and short
stories but had never really thought about publishing anything or writing professionally. In the
Summer of 2019 I was bored out of my mind. I searched a few freelancing sites and made a Fiverr account. I still remember my first assigned task. It was a compilation of multiple short stories for children. I was so excited about this project that I ended up spending many nights reading works by Dr. Seuss and rewatching Disney movies for the sake of inspiration. I genuinely felt so much joy composing those stories. The next task I took was ghost-writing a novel. It was equally fun and I received positive feedback for both of these projects.

Ghost-writing, Creating written content on Instagram and WordPress during most of the summer of 2019 made me sure that writing will always be a part of my life. Something I will always look forward to spend my time on.

Although sleepless nights, brain fog, and writer’s block are irritating yet the feeling of satisfaction that comes after seeing something that you’ve written from scratch is priceless. I’m just a beginner trying to be good at something I am passionate about. I am learning something new every day and that is what keeps me going!

Dua Hassan
Dua Hassan
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