Finding Your Element Summary – September 2022

Author: Ken Robinson

Short Summary
Finding Your Element (2013) offers a practical guide toward finding your passion, uncovering your skills, and becoming more mindful. This book teaches you how to rely on your natural aptitudes instead of following the herd like a sheep.
finding your element

Detailed Summary

Finding Your Element is a book by the famous motivational speaker Ken Robinson. If you are someone who watches ted talks a lot, you will be quite familiar with his name.  His famous ted talk named,’ do schools kill creativity’, has received praise from many people. In finding your element, you will learn how to rely on your skills, grab opportunities wherever you see them, not follow society’s expectations, follow your path, and envision your goals. So let us jump in and discover these lessons in detail.

Finding Your Element Key Points

Plans vs Unpredictability

Although we all like to plan, life can sometimes turn differently. There is a particular timeline that runs in every society. For example, finish high school at eighteen, graduate at twenty-two, and get married before thirty. This timeline is not tailored to our distinct personalities. As humans, everyone faces different circumstances and lives different lives. So, if your life is not looking like the plan above, that is okay.

You are different, and your timeline of achieving things can look different from others too.  Do not miss out on opportunities just because you are pressured by society to do something else at that time. Ken Robison himself switched different paths in his life before coming to write and deliver TED talks. In his books, he talks about all these experiences, including theatre, stage, drama education, educational reforms, and writing.

Do Not Underestimate Your Ability to Learn New Skills

We often let go of many chances, like good jobs and projects, because we think we cannot learn the skills required. Human intelligence is not limited; we learn many things throughout our lives. Consider when you were born; you did not know any skill. Even standing on your own or saying a complete sentence took time and effort, and now you have developed into someone who can run miles and read dozens of books. With time, humans learn and adapt.

 If you have an opportunity, do not limit yourself by dismissing your ability to learn new skills.  Sometimes you do not even have to learn these skills. You are already born with them. You just did not have the appropriate resources or culture to discover them. So, next time you find a good opportunity go and seize it.

Mindfulness Will Change Your Relationship with Your Life

Mindfulness does not solve your problems in your life. It will, however all you to step into a mindset with which you will handle problems better. Mindfulness changes how you experience things and how you can change them for the better. You can practice mindfulness by starting yoga, journaling, and by writing morning pages.

 The author describes morning pages as a way to dump everything from your brain onto paper before your day begins. By writing morning pages, you will not be conscious about what you can write and what you should leave aside. Write whatever comes into your mind and give yourself a mentally fresh start at the beginning of every day.

Mindfulness is deliberately paying full attention to what is happening around you in your body, heart, and mind. Mindfulness is awareness without criticism or judgment. It will reduce your stress and anxiety while boosting your immune system and increasing your attention span. You will feel ready to face the world’s challenges by living in the present state and being mindful.

Find Your Tribe

Although some people and motivational gurus may push you to work alone, the author advises you to find your pack. A group of people who have the same vision for life and the same passion as you. Tribes that work together can enable each other to achieve more than a person can do when he works alone. Like-minded people can stimulate each other’s creativity. They will make you feel the sense of responsibility associated with your passion, and you will be able to see things from a different perspective.

So, surround yourself with people who motivate and push you. Casually engaging with a lot of people. Exchanging greetings and getting drinks sound cool. But if you truly want to find your element, you must form a support group of like-minded individuals. A group of achievers will motivate you. When you feel down and motivation is nowhere to be found, these people will lift you and help you efficiently. So use arts clubs and support groups or find people online who love the things that you do and elevate your success level.

Finding Your Element Quotes

“When you’re in your Element, your sense of time changes. If you’re doing something that you love, an hour can feel like five minutes; if you are doing something that you do not, five minutes can feel like an hour.” –Ken Robinson

“You create your own life by how you see the world and your place in it.” –Ken Robinson

Finding Your Element Review

Ken Robinson is famous for his Ted talks. In particular, his writing and conversation skills keep the audience hooked.  Finding your Element is also full of such grabbing language and distinctive examples that will keep you engaged. Do check it out on days you feel out of motivation to carry on.

To Whom I Would Recommend Finding Your Element

  • To the sixteen-year-old who wants to discover his passion in life.
  • To the twenty-four-year-old frustrated with society and its timeline of achieving things.
  • And to people who want to become more present and mindful.
Finding Your Element Summary - September 2022

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