From Lukov With Love Summary – Overcome Fear and Find Love.

Discover the captivating slow-burn romance of From Lukov with Love Summary. Join two figure skaters on their journey to love and success.

  • Author: Mariana Zapata
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance, Sports, Adult, Fiction.
  • Published by: Mariana Zapata (self-published)
  • Published: February 1, 2018 
  • Length: 493 pages

Short From Lukov with Love Summary

Jasmine Santos, a talented figure skater with a guarded heart, is reluctantly partnered with Ivan Lukov, an arrogant but skilled skater, for a pairs competition. As they navigate the challenges of their sport, their animosity transforms into a deep friendship and passionate romance. Together, they overcome obstacles, heal past wounds, and discover the power of vulnerability and second chances. From Lukov with Love is a captivating tale of love, personal growth, and the pursuit of dreams.

One-Line Synopsis

 In From Lukov with Love, two figure skaters overcome their differences, form a deep bond, and find love as they strive for success in a pair’s competition.


The book is set in the world of competitive figure skating, with ice rinks and training facilities as the primary backdrop.


From Lukov with Love explores themes of personal growth, second chances, and the transformative power of love.


Jasmine Santos, a guarded figure skater, is reluctantly partnered with Ivan Lukov, an arrogant skater, and together they navigate the challenges of their sport, form a deep bond, and discover love as they strive for success in a pairs competition.

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Detailed From Lukov with Love Summary and Review

From Lukov with Love is a captivating slow-burn romance novel that explores the journey of two talented figure skaters who are unexpectedly thrust into a partnership. Beyond the romantic elements, the story delves into themes of overcoming fear, admitting one’s feelings, overcoming adversity, pursuing passions, and the power of love.

Additionally, With its well-crafted narrative and memorable characters, this book promises to leave a lasting impression on readers long after they’ve turned the final page.

Forced Partnerships & Overcoming Fear

Jasmine Santos and Ivan Lukov are introduced as two highly skilled figure skaters who, due to unforeseen circumstances, find themselves forced to become partners. As they embark on this challenging journey, they must confront their individual fears and insecurities. Through their shared experiences on and off the ice, they learn to overcome these obstacles, ultimately discovering the strength to admit their feelings for each other.

A Slow-Burn Romance & Heartwarming Love Story

From Lukov with Love beautifully depicts a slow-burn romance that develops between Jasmine and Ivan. The gradual progression of their relationship adds depth and intensity to the story, making it a heartwarming and emotionally satisfying love story. As they navigate the ups and downs of their partnership, their connection deepens, bringing forth moments of vulnerability, trust, and ultimately, love.

Overcoming Adversity & Pursuing Dreams

Beyond the realm of romance, the novel also delves into the theme of overcoming adversity. Both Jasmine and Ivan face personal and professional challenges that test their resilience and determination. The book showcases their unwavering commitment to their dreams and highlights the importance of never giving up, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Finding Passion and Embracing Second Chances

From Lukov with Love emphasizes the significance of finding one’s passion and embracing second chances. Jasmine and Ivan’s partnership not only ignite their shared love for figure skating but also enables them to rediscover their individual passions. The book inspires readers to pursue their own dreams and seize opportunities for personal growth and fulfillment.

The Power of Love and Lasting Impact

Throughout the narrative, the power of love is portrayed as a transformative force. Jasmine and Ivan’s relationship transcends their professional partnership, providing them with emotional support and healing from past wounds. The story showcases how love can mend hearts, change lives, and inspire personal growth.

A Well-Written and Memorable Read

From Lukov with Love has received acclaim as a well-written and enjoyable novel. Mariana Zapata’s skillful storytelling and engaging prose captivate readers from the first page until the end. The book skillfully combines elements of romance, personal growth, and overcoming adversity, creating a compelling and memorable reading experience.

Lessons We Never Forget

  • Overcome fear and pursue passions.
  • Admit and express true feelings.
  • Never give up, persevere through challenges.
  • Love has transformative power, heals, and inspires personal growth.
  • Embrace second chances for personal fulfillment.
  • Meaningful relationships leave a lasting impact.

My Personal Review

I found the book From Lukov with Love to be a captivating and emotionally rich read. The slow-burn romance between Jasmine and Ivan kept me engaged, and their journey of personal growth and overcoming fear was inspiring. The power of love portrayed in the story resonated deeply with me, highlighting the importance of vulnerability and communication. The book’s emphasis on pursuing passions and embracing second chances served as a reminder to never give up on dreams. Overall, From Lukov with Love left a lasting impact on me, with its well-written narrative and memorable characters.

Who Would Enjoy this Book?

This book is perfect for romance enthusiasts seeking a captivating and emotional journey. If you enjoy slow-burn romances with complex characters and heartfelt storylines, From Lukov with Love is a must-read. Dive into the world of figure skating, where love and personal growth intertwine, leaving a lasting impact. Experience the power of second chances and the transformative nature of love in this beautifully written tale.


I hope now you are well aware of this book. Discover an emotionally charged slow-burn romance that transcends its genre From Lukov with Love. Through the journey of Jasmine and Ivan, readers witness the power of love, the pursuit of dreams, and the triumph over adversity. Further, With its memorable characters and well-crafted narrative, this book is sure to leave a lasting impact, staying with readers long after they’ve turned the final page.

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