Get Out of Your Way Book Summary – March 2022

Author: Mark Goulston, Philip Goldberg

Short Summary
Get Out of Your Way (1996) teaches us a lesson that sometimes we listen to the wrong voices in our heads which fail to give us the peace that we want. We feel unfulfilled even after achieving our goals. The author Dave Hollis advises us to quit the things that stop us from becoming our best version and focus on our personal growth.
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Detailed Summary

In the book, the author Dave Hollis shares his journey how he stopped working for Disney and started working for his wife’s business. Even though it was his dream to work for Disney and he was good at it but he was still not happy with his job. He was mentally not satisfied with it but he figured it out and quit his job.

Through his life experience, he teaches us a lesson that your mental satisfaction should be your top priority and if something messes with it, quit it! There is a possibility that even after achieving your goals, you won’t be fulfilled. According to the author and from his personal experience, it happens when we listen to the wrong voices in our head and these wrong voices should be silenced and you can do it by overcoming them.

Get Out of Your Way Book Key Points

Losing doesn’t make you a failure

Get Out of Your Way Book teaches us a lesson that failures are normal and all great people treat failures as a part of the journey and learn from them. Moreover, you can adopt a growth attitude as well. It is possible to break free from your societal conditioning and discover abilities you were unaware of.

In order to better understand this, let’s take an example from the book. Jackson, Dave’s kid, decided one day that he wanted to run for class president. Dave pushed Jackson to undertake it since he knew it would be a learning experience no matter what he did. He knew since he’d tried and failed twice to achieve the same goal. And if Jackson fails, Dave can educate him that losing isn’t the same as failing, and it won’t kill you.

All of this was going on as Dave was having a work problem. He’d reached a stage where he could put in little effort and still achieve a lot of results. That implied he wasn’t very happy. But anything new made him nervous because he was afraid it might fail. As Carol Dweck writes in her book Mindset, the problem was that Dave had a fixed mindset. He’d been convinced that he couldn’t change his abilities or skills.

Compare this to his later development of a growth mentality. People that have this outlook on life understand that they have the power to change anything about themselves. They are more likely to take risks when they have this mindset since they understand that failure isn’t permanent. Dave learned from Dweck’s book that he could pick his mindset. He recognized that, like Jackson, he wouldn’t die if he failed.

Face your weaknesses

The author teaches us that you don’t want to divulge your flaws to the other side in a commercial negotiation since they’ll try to exploit them. Dave worked for Disney and pretended to be a lion. In his negotiations, he was confrontational, concealing any insecurity so that others couldn’t use it against him. This resulted in a plethora of fantastic discounts, but it also made Dave appear irrational and harsh to others.

The main point to take up from is that honesty can help you win in business discussions. Surprisingly, the author did not learn about this method from an interpersonal skills workshop. He discovered it while watching a film.

Overcome the mindset of Limiting belief

There are a lot of things we don’t do because people once told us that we can’t do it and we start believing them. It’s the limiting belief which is any lie you tell yourself that you believe to be real. You construct imaginary borders around what you’re capable of when you believe in them. However, the truth is that you have complete control over where you put your boundaries. It’s actually nothing but degrades us and stop us from reaching our full potential.

Just like people told Dave when he was little that tall people couldn’t run. And he had faith in them. But then he became a regular runner when a friend challenged him to a race, he found the motivation he needed to overcome his delusions and pursue his dream of becoming a runner

So, we get a lesson that when you become engrossed in your stories, you deprive yourself of fantastic experiences that may be had if you let go of them. If you don’t succeed in a relationship, it doesn’t imply you’ll never have a good one. To find them, look for moments when you say “I’ll never.” I used to persuade myself that money was bad and that I would never be wealthy. But once I overcame this, as well as all of my other limiting ideas, my life dramatically improved. I quickly increased my income and began living the life of my desires. It’s likely that you cling on to your limiting ideas because it’s easier to stay in the safe zone they’ve created for you. It’s scary to go, but once you do, you’re taking a big step forward.

Who would I recommend Get Out of Your Way Book to?

Get Out of Your Way Book is recommended to anyone who is stuck in his 9-5 job and comes back home feeling unfulfilled and unsatisfied. The book will make them realize that they can quit anything that makes them feel unfulfilled and start focusing on their growth.

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