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Author: Rachel Hollis

Girl, Stop Apologizing (2019) is an inspirational book for women to start living up to their potential and stop apologizing for chasing their dreams. The book is written by Rachel Hollis, an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and best-selling author. Rachel Hollis is the founder of Chic Media, a multimillion-dollar online media company. Chic Media reaches over one million women a month. Hollis provides readers with the insight and steps necessary to break free from the self-doubt and insecurity that keep them from achieving their goals.
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Detailed Summary

Girl, Stop apologizing: A shame-free plan for embracing and achieving your goals is about being shameless in the pursuit of your goals. It’s about not giving up on self-improvement, even if you don’t fit into the traditional roles society has created for women.

It is a guidebook for women who want to achieve their goals without feeling guilty or ashamed. Hollis also shares her own story and provides practical advice for becoming shameless in the pursuit of your goals. Author Rachel Hollis urges women to stop apologizing for who they are and what they want and to start embracing their ambitions without reservation.

The book is filled with helpful tips and advice for moving forward without self-doubt. Hollis provides an outline for developing shame-free personal standards, setting achievable goals, and creating a support system. She also offers advice for dealing with critics and overcoming obstacles.

Girl, Stop Apologizing Summary Key Points

Do you feel ashamed for not following society’s role set for women? Do you consider yourself guilty of not fitting into society’s standards because of your highly ambitious goals?

If yes, then Girl, Stop Apologizing because you are standing in the right path and direction in your life. Read the book’s main principles to feel proud of yourself where you are standing right now instead of feeling regretful.

To have a lot of ambition shouldn’t be a reason women have to apologize

We have a lot of ambition and want to do great things. We want to make a difference and want to be our best selves. But sometimes, in the process of all of that, we forget to take care of ourselves. We apologize for things that don’t need an apology and put our own needs last. Furthermore, we diminish our accomplishments.

We do this because we’re worried about what others will think of us. We’re worried that if we step too far out of line or if we shine too bright, people will think less of us. We’re worried that we’ll be seen as too aggressive, demanding, or whatever.

But here’s the thing: Having a lot of ambition shouldn’t be why women must apologize. It should be a reason to CELEBRATE. It should be a reason to feel PROUD. We should be proud of our AMBITION.

According to Rachel Hollis, it can be difficult to do this when you’re constantly worrying about what others think of you. That’s why she believes in building a community that celebrates and supports women’s ambition, in creating a space where women can be themselves without judgment.

Do not let anything stop you from Achieving your Dreams

As we all know, moving forward toward achieving our goals starts when we stop making excuses. We all make excuses far too often. We say we don’t have time when what we mean is that we don’t want to make the time.

For a lot of us, the phrase “I don’t have time” is one of the most common excuses we use to avoid taking action on our goals. But what if I told you that you could banish the phrase “I don’t have time” from your mind and replace it with “I’m going to find the time.” Start by looking at your daily schedule and finding small pockets of time that you can use to work on your goals.

The truth is, if you want to pursue your dreams, you need to make time for them. And the best way to do that is to stop looking for free time and start making time for your dreams. We all have the same number of hours in a day, and it’s up to us to use them in the best way possible.

When you commit yourself, time becomes irrelevant. So get started today, and don’t let anything hold you back. It may not be easy, but it’s worth it. So get started, and don’t let anything stop you from achieving your dreams.

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Learn to turn your Dreams into Reality

Ambition is often seen as a dirty word. Society tells us that if we want something bad enough, we should just be grateful for what we have. But what if being ambitious is exactly what we need to achieve our goals? Hollis has some ways you can increase your chances of success in whatever you set your mind to:

  • Follow your dreams, and don’t be afraid to break social norms.
  • Have the right habits, skills, and foundation for success.
  • Be persistent and never give up on your dreams.
  • Believe in yourself and stay confident.
  • Take risks and don’t be afraid to fail.

Rachel Hollis also shares a 10-10-1 plan for goal setting. Think about how your life will look after ten years. Think and write all the details on paper. Then think about ten goals you want to achieve in ten years and choose the most important one of all. Write it down in the present tense. It would feel more real, and start focusing on that dream. Make your goal measurable: So, instead of saying, ‘I want to make money, Say, ‘I want to have $40000 in my bank account.’

As we must remember, we have the power to change the world. And one way to do that is by seizing every opportunity we’re given and making our dreams a reality. With the right habits, skills, and foundation for success, we can achieve anything we set our minds to.

Girl, Stop apologizing Summary quotes

“A goal is a dream with its work boots on.” Rachel Hollis

“You are allowed to want more for yourself for no other reason than because it makes your heart happy. You don’t need anyone’s permission, and you certainly shouldn’t have to rely on anyone’s support as the catalyst to get you there.” Rachel Hollis

Girl, Stop apologizing: A shame-free plan for embracing and achieving your goals reviews

“Rachel is very motivational! I share her views on everything so far, but sometimes you need someone else to tell you what you already know.” Felicia

“I loved this book! Great ideas and tips! I could have done without the long Intro! Other than that, she doesn’t disappoint.” Megan Barefoot

To whom would I recommend Girl, stop apologizing summary?

  • A woman has a good business idea but is afraid to take a step.
  • An ambitious university student wants to achieve her goals.
  • Anyone wants to get motivation and inspiration to take initials.
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