Happier Book Summary – June 2022

Author: Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar

Short Summary
Happier (2007) by Dr. Ben-Sahar is an insightful book, in which he shares all the key concepts along with their details that he has discussed in his class “Positive Psychology”, which is also one of the most popular courses at Harvard University. Dr. Ben-Shahar is one of the most popular teachers at Harvard.
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Detailed Summary

When you think of the word happiness several thoughts may occur in your mind. You might think of a dream job, your favorite comfort food, or your best friend. when we take a moment and think about it, we will realize that you have been attaching your happiness to outside factors all your life. If you are a career-oriented person You might recall saying this to yourself: ‘I will be happy when I get this promotion. But when you got that promotion, the statement would have been changed to something like this: ‘I will be happy when I become the head manager’ or something along these lines and the cycle goes on and go. You keep attaching happiness to the next thing you want.

 What many of us do not realize is that money fame and success do not have intrinsic values. These things are subordinate to happiness. They only become meaningful when we attach happiness to them. if money, fame, and success do not make you happy you will lose all the positive emotions or meaning to them.

So, can we be really happy without letting outside factors affect our happiness? Can the feeling of fulfillment be eternal? Can happiness be created? According to Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, the answer to these questions is yes and, in this book, he shares all of the techniques you can adopt to make your journey on earth happier, full of meaning and joy.

Happier Book Key Points

Happiness is What All of Us Truly Desire

Many including the great philosopher Aristotle would argue that happiness is the whole aim of human existence and the purpose of life is to attain it. All our lives we chase different goals from a good job to money, a nice car, a family to a stable career but these are not the ultimate goals. What comes when you achieve all these things? You become happier than you were before. So, if you think deeply, it is never about the size of your house or the figure of your income.

It is about whatever we attach our happiness with. So instead of defining our lives with money, fame, and possessions let’s redefine our lives and reshape them according to what we truly desire and that is happiness. Happiness should be the deciding factor that chooses the different measures we take in life. We pursue happiness because it is in our nature to do so and it is the highest goal. Everything leads towards the end goal; of being happy.

Time is a Limited Resource

According to the author of Happier, time is a very limited resource yet most of us spend it doing things that we have to do or we should do. Instead, the focus should be on things that we want to do. Why? Because our time on Earth is short and there is already not enough time to do the things that a person is passionate about. Some people are always ‘running out of time’, stressed and exhausted. These people are using their time to accommodate a lot of things. Things others want them to do or things that they deem important. To live life meaningfully and successfully people should cut off things that do not add meaning to their lives. Focusing on fewer activities that mean something to you is the best utilization of your time and a key to a happy life.

Happiness Grows from Valued Activities and Progress Toward One’s Goals and Not from Giving in to Impulses and Cravings

Often we believe that if we spoil ourselves with what we want at the moment, we will become happier. If I ask you; what will make you happy? You will most probably come up with a thing that can be provided instantly but the author does not encourage this idea. According to him, if you want to be truly happy and cultivate a sense of everlasting fulfillment you will have to figure out the activities that truly bring out the joyful feelings in you. For example, some of us may like painting. Not because it is guaranteed that we will like the finished product but because we enjoy mixing colors to create different shades, we like the strokes of the brush against the canvas and we enjoy the process that leads to the finished painting.

These are the activities that can bring us happiness. When we give our best and become engaged in the process are the instances that can bring us joy. Similarly creating meaningful goals and working hard towards making them come to reality is a definite way of feeling happy and fulfilled. Remember happiness is not about the end but the journey itself. when you will spend time doing something worthwhile you will be happy.

Happier Book Quotes

“The best moments usually occur when a person’s body or mind is stretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile.” ― Tal Ben-Shahar

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ― Tal Ben-Shahar

Happier Book Review

Happier Book excellently teaches you to attain fulfillment, joy, and bliss in all of your phases of life. The author lets his reader see that happiness has been the highest goal in the lives of humans since the beginning of time. There are ways to create fulfillment and feel happy without relying upon extrinsic and capitalistic sources. Anyone who can identify his true dreams, passions, and goals can achieve them. Not in the end product but all along during the progress they make. This book will teach you to look at your life with a humbler and grateful perspective while changing your perspective toward your goals.

 To Whom I Would Recommend Happier Book

  • To the eighteen-year-old who feels utterly hopeless in his life.
  • Anyone who struggles with finding happiness in the little things of life.
  • And to people who feel that they have lost themselves running while after the materialistic goals.

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