High Performance Habits Summary & Review

Author: Brendon Burchard

High-Performance Habits (2017), bestselling author Brendon Burchard distills scientific research on high performers and their daily routines into six essential habits that you can easily incorporate into your life to help you achieve more than you ever thought possible. You’ll exercise your creativity every day to unleash your best ideas. You’ll learn how to train your focus so you can achieve your goals, even with potentially hundreds of distractions.
high performance habits summary
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Detailed Summary of High Performance Habits

You will read this book about the six essential habits for extraordinary success. This book is designed to be a daily resource. Each chapter reveals the counterintuitive principles behind accelerated learning, positive influence, and productive living.

I hope it will be as useful to you as it has been to me as I start to become an entrepreneur and a better human being. Habits have the power to change your entire life.

Think about your habits as a spider’s web. If you only focus on the stuff that happens at the very center, you’ll always feel stuck. Moving just one step back will give you a completely different view of what’s possible. Indeed, if you look at the habits of people who build successful businesses and extraordinary careers, you’ll see that almost all of them have mastered four key systems:

– How to set goals that motivate you to take action;

– How to create daily rituals that ensure you never lose focus or motivation;

– How to perform complementary actions that allow you to amplify your productivity; and,

– How to push yourself in ways that expand your comfort zone and upgrade your results.

The high-Performance Habits summary will give you the tools, tactics, and routines that will help you build these six systems.

  1. Seeking clarity
  2. Generating energy
  3. Raising necessity
  4. Increasing productivity
  5. Developing influence
  6. Demonstrating courage

In the process, it will change how you manage your habits forever.

High-Performance Habits Summary Key Points

Do you ever wonder how some people beautifully balance their life and work routines? The thing that makes them extraordinary is their habits. The following key points will help you become a high performer and successful in all walks of life.

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The first Habit, which is Essentially the why is seeking Clarity

High performers understand that a life worth living is a life worth choosing. Just like you would never choose to drive a car without knowing where you’re trying to go, you shouldn’t practice art, a craft, or discipline without knowing what you’re trying to be good at, what you’re trying to create, or accomplishing.

Without reason, there is no real sense of purpose, direction, or motivation, and the result may be that your actions are not aligned with your passion or true potential.

“If you don’t know where you want to go, any road will take you there.” – Lewis Carroll

This clarity is not about being self-centered. It’s about being self-aware and centered on our purpose. Your why may be selfless; it may involve helping others and improving the world. That’s the beauty of it.

A person with high-performance habits can make an enormous difference in the lives of those around them because their actions are based on purpose rather than convenience.

For most people, this is the hardest step. Many of us were taught that being successful means doing what someone else tells us to do. As a result, we’re unhappy with where we are and unsure of who we are.

So instead of pursuing our dreams, we’re told to “follow our passion” and “be who you are.” It’s easy to fall into old habits, such as waking up late, skipping breakfast, and not taking care of ourselves. In these moments, you may think – hey, it’s okay; I’ll start tomorrow. You don’t need to do anything differently.

Try to be more Productive for the Improvement of your Performance

Set ambitious but achievable goals you can strive for and need to reach to advance. Find reasons why you must achieve them and remind yourself of them. Be aware of your perception of each task and what the important result is. Start each day by doing the most important thing, which is the key to success.

If a task has more than one purpose, decide on the most important result and focus on that. If you have more than one goal, pick one, do everything you can to achieve it, and then move on to the next one. Avoid multitasking, as it leads to poor results. Instead, do just one thing at a time, or schedule time for each.

Find reasons why you must perform well and make yourself aware of these. Ensure that your reasons are strong enough to motivate you and make you want to follow through with your plan. Being aware of the reasons helps you stay focused on achieving results.

The idea of separating important tasks from unimportant ones is simple. The key is to choose goals for yourself that matter and to execute them. Of course, that’s easier said than done. That’s where this productivity hack can come in handy.

By setting your mind on the goals whose value you recognize, you’ll be able to increase your productivity.

Peruse your Dreams with Confidence and be Generous toward Others

Be generous with others and confident in yourself. We tend to think of nice people as being helpful, happy, and friendly, but they are also generous. They feel happy when they give. Generosity is doing something nice for someone else and not expecting anything in return. People can be generous with their time, relationships, knowledge, and money.

By giving to others, you are giving to yourself. Generous people get a lot out of life. They create great relationships and positive environments wherever they go. They are always helping others out and putting others first.

Generous people will do anything to help others – even when it’s difficult or puts them out in any way. And the most generous people among us don’t expect any praise for what they do.

Now the question that remains is, “Which type of person are you?” To become a better person, an idealistic type, you must be generous with yourself and others. You must understand that it is not always about you and your needs. When you offer yourself fully to others, you will have hopes and dreams that benefit everyone you know.

They pursue their dreams with confidence and generosity towards others without taking any care if you think they’re being too ambitious. They prefer to answer “ambitious” over “realistic.” They are filled with compassion, a necessity to achieve the kind of world they want to live in.

High-Performance Habits Quotes

“When you learn the difference between busy work and your life’s work, that’s the first step on the path of purpose.” Brendon Burchard

“Be more intentional about who you want to become. Have a vision beyond your current circumstances. Imagine your best future self, and start acting like that person today.” Brendon Burchard

High-Performance Habits Review

As explained in this book, we can all apply those Habits in our lives. This book is really interesting, helpful, and actionable, as you can read in this High-Performance Habits Summary. These habits work because there is a science behind them.

To whom would I recommend High-Performance Habits summary?

  • Anyone wants to achieve great things throughout life.
  • Anyone wants to boost his motivation and productivity.
  • Anyone wants happiness in his life.

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