How to Talk to Anyone Summary – March 2022

Author: Leil Lowndes

Short Summary
How to Talk to Anyone (1999) is a great guide to improving your communication skills by telling people about yourself and making them understand your nature. In the book, the author Leil Lowndes shares 92 effective tips through which we can master the art of communication and which helped the author from being an introverted school teacher to becoming a public speaker and talk-show host.
how to talk to anyone summary
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Detailed Summary

The book is written by Leil Lowndes who is now a great public speaker, a talk-show host, and a renowned life coach. In her book How to Talk to Anyone, she has shared her journey of how she was a shy school teacher and then mastered the art of communication. Through her journey, she has revealed the secret tips and tricks which helped her in overcoming her shyness. Leil has shared 92 little tips in her book which can help the readers to become successful in relationships.

According to the author, the first impression plays an important role in building a strong relationship. Moreover, your body language conveys a lot of information to the other person. So, use your body language to connect. Besides this, the author encourages us to be expressive. She says that whatever you are feeling, the other should know and it will help them to understand you better.

How to Talk to Anyone Summary Key Points

The Briefcase Technique

Just as we discussed above that Leil shared her 92 effective tips and techniques to become a better communicator. So, this is one of them.

Well, if you are a socially awkward penguin like me, you would totally relate to it that when you are meeting a stranger, the first 10 seconds are the most difficult ones. Even, sometimes we refuse to go to any party where you don’t know a lot of people so we decide to stay at home. But I kid you not, after 10 seconds, the social awkwardness disappears and you start to feel comfortable around new people.

The 10 seconds phase is the one in which you have to say hello to strangers. So, the author suggests we skip that part and ask the host to introduce us. If you’re attending an event, request that the host introduce you. You’ll both recognize them, resulting in an instant bond. Another approach is to inquire about the person from the host, which you might use to start a conversation. Alternatively, stay nearby and listen in on their other conversations until you have a chance to join in. Introverts could also grin, nod, and wave, as well as bring a flashy conversation starter, such as a dashing outfit or a gimmick. Or maybe a flooding smile could help. Not a quick smile, start by looking at the face, take a small pause and then give them a smile. This is what the author suggests.

If you’re trying to recreate this on the internet, email introductions from a common acquaintance work nicely. The briefcase strategy allows you to use whatever facts you uncover to demonstrate that you’re prepared.

Make people feel comfortable around you

The next thing that you can use to form a strong relationship with new people is to make them feel comfortable around you and for that, the author Leil shares two useful tools I.e mimicry and companionship.

By mimicry, Leil wants to say that when you talking to someone, use the same words that the other person is using. It makes the other person feel like you are understanding them and want to listen to what they are saying.  Like, as using the same words to explain the same things. Furthermore, if you know they appreciate anything, utilize words from that field; for example, if they adore sailing, call them “buddy” or “hey, you are just like me”. “You” is a good way to start a sentence. Starting a conversation with this word will quickly attract the attention of your listeners. If you’re meeting a gathering of individuals, instead of smiling at everyone, give each person a separate smile.

Second, demonstrating that you and others are on the same page goes a long way. The author Leil suggests we use whole sentences instead of words as they are more effective. It’s also a success if you and your conversation partner can refer to each other as “we” and “us.”

Bring good vibes

Lastly in the How to Talk to Anyone Summary, we get advice that spread good vibes. Praising someone on their face is nice but when you praise someone behind their back, it makes you even nicer. So, praise folks even if they aren’t in a conversation with you. If people discover you’ve been admiring them behind their backs, it means a lot more than flattery in public.

Become a messenger of good news. So, if someone appreciates someone else, you should endeavor to be the one to inform the person who has been commended. Incorporate a few remarks into your discussion that imply something favorable about the person you’re speaking with.

You should also practice being a silent praiser. Don’t bury all of your compliments in the middle of sentences. These types of compliments are frequently regarded as more genuine.

Who would I recommend How to Talk to Anyone Summary to?

How to Talk to Anyone Summary is recommended to all introverts who are trying to overcome their social awkwardness and want to mingle among people. Moreover, anyone who wants to master the art of communication and improve their communication skills.

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