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Author: Russ

It’s All in Your Head (2019) is a book by Russ, the rapper. Russ shares his journey of the struggle of how he become a famous rapper and musician. Through his life struggles, the writer has tried to motivate readers to achieve their goals despite the failures and never give up.
it's all in your head

Detailed Summary

The book It’s All in Your Head is written by an American musician and rapper, Russel Vitale, who shared his journey of how he became a famous rapper. How he never gave up and always believed in himself and his skills which became his power.

In his book, It’s All in Your Head, Russ says that he always wanted to become a musician and was very passionate about it. He used to spend a lot of time composing and producing music. He used to do this in his parents’ basement. It was that time when they didn’t believe in him, and they did not even use to listen to his music.

But his best friend, Bugus, supported him a lot throughout his journey. Both of them were huge music fans and always wanted to get their music recognized by the people. It was on their Wishlist to get their music on MTV. They were so confident about it that they always used to say, ‘We will be on MTV’ one day.

They used to spam messages to MTV executives on Twitter. It was just a try so that they would consider their music on their channel. In the beginning, they did not get a reply, but on one lucky day, an MTV executive liked their music and gave them a chance. It was like their dream came true.

This was the beginning of his career. He used to share everything on his Twitter as well. Some people used to listen to his music on Twitter as well. Then from MTV, he started doing concerts.

It’s All in Your Head Key Points

What would you do when the output would not meet your expectations? Would you give up or be persistent in reaching your desired dream? This book will let you know the ways and strategies that he, Russ, used to get glory in his path.

Focus on your Work

In his book, It’s All in Your Head; he shared about his first concert in Florida when he performed for only 40 people. He says that he thoroughly enjoyed that. Moreover, he was not disappointed; rather, that situation inspired him to write a song.

This has a lesson for the readers that they should never pay attention to what people think. You should focus on your work and give your 100%. Never be disappointed by the outcome.

Be Confident

Everybody in the World cannot like your work. Some get jealous of your work; some try to demotivate you, and only a few clap for you. Only pay attention to those who support you. Sometimes even your closest friend and family will try to demotivate you.  But if you really love your work. Never stop. Believe in yourself and be confident.

In five years, from 2011 to 2016, he released 11 albums. He got recognition from them.

Russ in It’s all in your Head also says that when he started making music, he won’t be able to make enough money from it. Even though he was working days and nights, it was still not paying him enough.

He says that he released 80 songs but still didn’t get more than $200 from them in a month. Releasing 80 songs isn’t a piece of cake. It requires a lot of hard work and sleepless nights. A normal person who just wants to make money out of his work will get really demotivated by this.

He will definitely stop chasing his dream, but the writer says that he did not give up and believed in himself that even if not today, tomorrow, this music will make him a millionaire. But it still did not stop him. He continued working hard because he knew it would give him his desired output one day. Also, do checkout Resisting Happiness Summary

Always Take inspiration from Experts

The book It’s All in your Head gives us lessons that don’t always work hard but work smart as well. In order to achieve your goals, you should also take inspiration from experts and adapt their strategies for becoming successful. It will empower you.

Just like Russ, who took inspiration from successful artists. He realized that they make one-song albums, and it gets more recognition and fame. So instead of making releasing multiple songs albums, release a one-song album.

He adopted this technique, and it changed his music career. He started releasing a one-song weekly album for six months on an online music platform called TuneCore and made $102,000 from only $620. This was something huge for him.

Although he was more in love with music and his passion more than making money from it. But he started getting enough money from it; it kept him motivated. You may also be interested in Who Not How Summary

Who would I recommend the It’s All in Your Head summary to?

The book It’s All in Your Head is a masterpiece. It will inspire a struggling artist, musician, or rapper who sometimes gets demotivated or thinks their passion won’t make him successful. Also, those whose family members don’t support their passion for music.

People who have a good voice and love to sing but are afraid to start it as a career can read this book and get inspiration from its journey of Russ. Moreover, anyone who is a fan of rapper Russ needs to know how much hard work he has done to get the fame he has today. 

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