Journey of Awakening Summary – May 2022

Author: Ram Dass

Short Summary
Journey of Awakening (1978) is a book that explores a few of the many paths of meditation by the American psychologist and spiritual Leader Ram Dass. In the book, Dass deals with various forms of meditation. For example mantras, visualizations, and movement meditations such as tai chi. You will find several practices to perform along with their advantages. The author also explains how beginners can overcome the difficulties they face when they start their journey toward meditation.
journey of awakening
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Detailed Summary

Journey of Awakening sets you on a path of calmness and inner joy. In this spiritual guide, you will find chapters on Setting Out, Picking a Path, Finding Your Way, Losing Your Way, Getting Stuck, and Getting Free. The book will teach you how to pause the chaos of the world by disassociating them with your inner self, sit back, breathe and relax. It focuses on the minute details of meditation like breathing to the bigger impacts meditation can have on your life. You realize how to meditate in simple steps by living in the same chaotic world as you already do.

By controlling your thoughts you change how you see your environment. You will find that meditation also enables you to respond to things instead of reacting. Ram Dass indirectly shows you that all those taking meditation breaks at work to de-stress are not crack brains. IT ACTUALLY WORKS!!

Journey of Awakening Key Points

Do you feel totally satisfied and completely good no matter what you do? Can you successfully keep the outside voices down? Does the world ever let you have a moment of peace? A moment just to yourself where you are not thinking about something else?

If your answer is No. The Journey of Awakening is for you. A thorough reading and implementation of this book are bound to change your answer to yes.

Meditation helps you become more mindful and Aligned

You may have experienced such a moment before. A moment where you are not thinking about anything. A moment without instances where you are thinking something like oh I have to get this assignment done. Where is the shirt I’ve been looking for? Hmm. This is how a cereal box looks. This is the purpose of meditation. To help you live above and outside these thoughts. As humans, we tend to lose ourselves in our thoughts. We surround ourselves with whatever we are thinking at that moment. Meditation on the other hand teaches you how to pay attention to where you are and to what you are doing. It teaches you to be mindful instead of keeping your mind full.  To be more mindful you need to get out of this “thought prison”


Every time you meditate you unlock a level deeper in yourself. This opening up will motivate you to practice more and the more you practice the weaker your thought prison becomes.

Find what is right for you

If you are a beginner at meditation you need to take it slow and try it step by step. Sit calmly in a comfortable position. Do not let your thoughts overcome you. Be still. Breathe and relax. This is one the most basic forms of meditation anyone can perform. Choose the right time for you. You are not bound to mediate just in the morning. As a beginner, you also might want to choose a place with peace, quietness, and no distractions. As you sit there try to visualize something relaxing. It can be as simple as a stream of water flowing. Concentrate on the waves. How they flow and get lost in each other. If you can’t focus on this stream just focus on your breathing. Feel yourself inhaling and exhaling. Focus on how your breath flows.

Mantras can do wonders

Have you ever seen a group of religious people chanting “Aum”  or “Raam” again and again? That is what mantra is about. The constant chanting of a rhythm or sound. It enables you to focus your mind on a single thing. Mantras are widely used to teach concentration and that is why you can incorporate mantras into your meditation routine.

Contemplate and Devote

Not only you can practice, but reading and following others who have passed through the same path of spirituality as you can be encouraging.  Read books that interest you on the topic often. Be devoted to God or a spiritual figure of your choice. This will enable you to connect with a higher self and release negativity.

Meditate Anywhere, Anytime

As you keep on practicing you will realize that the distractions no longer bother you. To my surprise, many people I know meditate during traffic jam. People stuck in the same traffic jam might be cursing and feeling stressed out. It is all about what your inner self decides to focus on. So the next time you are in a long queue or a traffic jam just close your eyes and try focusing on your breath.

Journey of Awakening Quotes

“Meditation raises the question: Who are we really?” –Ram Dass

“Whoever clings to the mind sees not The truth of what’s beyond the mind. Whoever strives to practice Dharma Finds not the truth of Beyond-practice. To know what is beyond both mind and practice, One should cut cleanly through the root of the mind And stare naked. One should thus break away From all distinctions and remain at ease.” –Ram Dass

“The spiritual journey is individual and highly personal. It can’t be organized or regulated. It isn’t true that everybody should follow any one path. Listen to your own truth.” –Ram Dass

Journey of Awakening Review

The book is infused with advice from the spiritual world. Ram Dass takes your hand as if you are a child and walks you through the amazing journey of meditation and its benefits. Written in simple language the book makes it easier for all of us to practice self-care by including only one practice in our routine. ( that being meditation) The book is ideal for those who are looking for some sort of spiritual practice that can give more meaning to their lives.

To Whom I Would Recommend Journey of Awakening

  • To the woman in her twenties learning to take care of her body and her mental health.
  • The stressed-out manager who wants to have a few minutes of calm before leaving for the office
  • Anyone who wants to try meditation but does not know how to start.

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