Leadershift Summary – February 2022

Author: John C. Maxwell

Short Summary
Leadershift (2009) gives tips on good leadership and guides the leaders about the changes that they need to bring in themselves. Moreover, the author advises changing the outdated mindset in order to be successful.
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Detailed Summary

The book Leadershift is written by John C. Maxwell who is a well-known leadership expert and has revealed the 11 essential changes in his book that you need to bring in yourself to become a good leader.

According to the author, change is something that is essential for everyone especially leaders. He believes that leaders should be humble and try to connect with their teams in order to become good leaders.

The book teaches us how to shift your mentality so that you, your company, and the people you lead may achieve greater success.

Leadershift Key Points

Change the outdated mindset

The author says that people think leaders know everything and they do not need to learn anything new. To better understand this, Maxwell says that people have this outdated mindset that leaders have to climb the ladder and considered them bad leaders who have this attitude of climbing the leader.

Instead, he advises the leaders to help the team by building the ladder themselves so that people can better learn things. You must change your mindset about your experience. It’s not a badge of honor, but rather a reservoir of knowledge from which you might draw lessons to benefit others.

According to Kevin Myers, the pastor of 12Stone Church, the finest leaders are those who want more for their people than they expect from them. You must master the art of mentoring if you want to assist your employees to attain their maximum potential. It all starts with you choosing someone you’d like to mentor. Because you don’t have infinite time, you must make wise decisions.

How to help your team reach their full potential

The book also guides us about how we can start to bring the change and help our team to reach their full potential. The first you should do is to start questioning yourself. Like, Are the people you’re thinking of mentoring genuinely eager to learn? You’re on the correct route if they say things like “I’ll find a way” rather than “maybe there’s a way, but I don’t know.” Next, consider whether the individuals have the ability to lead themselves. They’ll have a lot of power, and you want to make sure it’s positive. After you’ve found the perfect people to mentor, give them small morsels of advice from your wealth of experience on a regular basis. Allow them to choose from a variety of career paths to further their education.

Start communicating with your team and stop directing

Another tip shared by the author in the book Leadershift in order to become a good leader is to start communicating with your team. Begin with assessing your own communication abilities by asking others to rate your listening skills on a scale of 1 to 10.

To understand this, the author has shared a life experience.

While visiting the locker room of the University of Tennessee Lady Volunteers basketball team, Maxwell uncovered this truth. Pat Summitt, their coach, was well-known for her accomplishments. It’s halftime, and the athletes are making their way inside the locker room. Rather than immediately approaching Summitt to learn from her, they congregate around a whiteboard. They pose three questions to themselves: What went particularly well? What didn’t go as planned? And What are we going to do differently?

After the team has finished debating, they present Summit with a report and request her advice. She interacts with kids by listening rather than lecturing.

It would have been simple for the coach to guess what the team required and simply tell them in the dressing room. Instead, she used inquiries and listening to gain a better understanding of their viewpoints and needs. Summitt was more linked than directed, and you must develop this talent as well. You’ll be a pro in no time if you practice asking the proper questions and actively listening. When he meets with people, Maxwell uses a notepad to help him achieve this. He marks it with a big “L” to remind himself to listen more than he speaks.

Build Trust

According to the author, you must be able to influence others in order to be an effective leader. Maxwell realized early on in his profession that it has nothing to do with your job title. He became the pastor of a small church shortly after graduating from college. He was astonished when a member named Claude took command of the first of the church’s board meetings, which he had expected to be in charge of. Claude presided over the whole gathering, with Maxwell merely saying the opening and closing prayers. Maxwell found that difficult to accept, but he recognized that this man’s honesty spoke louder than any title he could possibly have.

Moreover, people who always live their values and do what they preach will have moral authority. You can spot someone who possesses these characteristics because they are trustworthy and dependable. Others are more ready to follow you if they believe you will keep your promises than if they believe you will keep your position. You must also possess courage in order to assist yourself and those you lead in reaching their greatest potential.

Who would I recommend Leadershift Book to?

The book Leadershift is highly recommended to all people who aspire to be a leader. The book will guide them about leadership. Moreover, an experienced leader should also read this book to understand that changes are necessary and there is always room for improvement.