Leadership Strategy and Tactics Summary – February 2022

Author: Jocko Willink

Short Summary
Leadership Strategy and Tactics (2020) is written by Jocko Willink. Being a US Navy officer Jocko Willink shares his experience as a team leader. Moreover, he has shared tips on how to become a good leader.
leadership strategy and tactics
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Detailed Summary

The book Leadership strategies and Tactics is written by Jocko Willink. He is a retired United States Navy officer who served in the Navy SEALs.

In his book, he has shared his leadership experience in the Navy seals and tells us about the tactics of effective leadership. He says that corporate leadership is never as tough as leading a Navy SEAL. Although in corporate leadership, the leader has a lot of responsibilities and challenges to face it’s never like leading a team in life and death situations like a Navy SEAL head.

He says that it’s a myth that everyone has to follow the rules and orders of a leader blindly. But the leader has to prove himself first so that the team can obey his orders.

Leadership Strategy and Tactics Key Points

Sometimes taking a step back proves to be a better decision

The writer says that as a leader your team relies on you to make a decision. Sometimes if you make a decision to step back, it will lead you to step forward. And by that, he means literally.

Willink says that imagine if are doing a training mission on an offshore oil rig with your Navy SEAL team. You are the head and your team got stuck there. Now the team is waiting for your call for the next move.

Now, this kind of situation tests your leadership. In order to give the call to your team, you need to scan for targets. You can see so much through the scope of your gun. In order to get a better view, the leader has to move away so that he can position his gun in the right direction. This means that he should take a step back. That’s what he did and it worked in that situation. This teaches that stepping back can sometimes help you in stepping forward.

Moreover, this situation also teaches that when you are overwhelmed and have a lot to think about, just take a step back. Take a break, relax and breathe. You will come out stronger and you will be able to make better decisions. 

Be humble

Another lesson that the book Leadership Strategy and Tactics teaches is that be humble as a leader. Don’t be arrogant for being a leader. Your team will obey you and your orders more when you are kind to them.

As a leader, you can perform more effectively when you have a feeling of inadequacy and feeling that you are not good enough for it. In this way, you will learn more and will be greedy for knowledge. You will try improving your skills and will perform better.

Besides that, this feeling not only helps you to stay humble but also helps in developing a friendly relationship with your team. The team always prefers a humble and kind leader to an arrogant one.

The writer says that be humble enough to pick up brass. By that, he means that it’s not a bad thing if a leader is doing such tasks. Also, it’s not the responsibility of a leader but just by doing such tasks, a leader can develop better understanding and unity among his team members.

Effective communication is the key

The writer in his book Leadership Strategy and Tactics says that if someone wants to be a good leader he should know how to communicate effectively. By that, it means he should be clear enough to convey his message to every team member because when a leader fails to effectively give information the team members get confused and cannot perform well.

Be specific when you are communicating with their team. For example, instead of just saying that “you did great”. Be specific and say that “Your confidence was key to our success in that sales pitch we did last week”.

So, it tells us that the way you say things make a huge difference. Moreover, people always pay more attention to those who are kind, humble, and calm.

Who would I recommend Leadership Strategy and Tactics summary to?

It is recommended to a young business owner who is struggling to communicate effectively with his staff and is struggling to be a good leader. Moreover, students who don’t know how to work as a team need to give this book a read. They will learn some strategies and tips to be good at teamwork.