Linchpin Book Summar – August 2022

Author: Seth Godin 

Short Summary
Linchpin Book (2011) explains how an employee can become indispensable and important to his company and employer. 
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Detailed Summary

Linchpin Book is a guide to becoming the best employee. So many of us work just for 9-5 and aim at getting a paycheck every month. To make our careers stand out and become irreplaceable we need to do more and in Linchpin book key points you will learn how. Linchpin book will guide you towards exploring your potential that can make a huge difference in your career.

Linchpin Book Key Points

Do Not Be a Cog in a Machine

If I am an employer corporate looking for an employee, I would choose someone who can easily follow instructions and take a minimum wage. The job I am searching for an employee for just demands that the steps have to be followed. It is not complex. It does not need new ideas or creativity. I will not have to train my employee hard. For me, a person with average skills will be perfect.

But look at this scenario from the perspective of an employee. If I am an employee at a workplace who is just good to follow instructions; I will be an easily replaceable entity. The instructions are simple. Anyone can follow them. I do not bring anything unique to the organization and employees so technically it would not hurt them to fire me to find my replacement at any moment. In short, in today’s changing world, if I am a clog in a machine or someone who just shows up every day and follows instructions; I am not doing enough. In the following Linchpin Book key points, we will explore Seth Godin’s advice to become a unique and important entity in our workspace.

Instead, Become a Linchpin

If you are not a Linchpin yet but want to become one, do not worry we have got you covered. What separates a normal worker from a Linchpin is the desire to do the work.

As a normal worker or employee, you would just want to show up on time, get the job done and leave when the office timings are over. On the other hand, as a Linchpin, you will show up at work, pour all of your energy and motivation, and sometimes go out of your way to make sure everything is running smoothly. This might include taking in another role that you are not getting paid for, doing some extra work, helping an employee, finding creative ideas to do your tasks, and solving problems in the workplace. Do not be like: If I do this chore at work, who is going to notice anyway? No one. Remember that the management and authorities have an eye for everything. Your efforts as well as your disheartened actions are equally noticeable.

When things get rough in corporate, linchpins are most likely to keep their jobs. They are also the first ones to secure a promotion. So be a linchpin and make everyone fond of you and your work ethic.

Quieten Your Lizard Brain

The lizard brain is the common term we use for the part of the brain that induces fear and stress. Both rational and irrational. Many of us want to become Linchpins but we just cannot get intimidated by the idea of putting ourselves out there. At work, most of us want to stay invisible. On the contrary, to become a linchpin you will need to stand up, let others notice you, and be there when it is hard to show up.

  To do all this quieten your lizard brain that will tell you that your ideas are not good enough to be shared at the next pitch meeting, your boss does not even like how you do your tasks or your work acquaintances think that you are too much.

Let go of these thoughts and put yourself out there. Even if you get rejected once or twice, your effort to go one step further will be noticed by employers.

A Linchpin and An Artist

Artists are well known for the love and care they generate for their work. A writer pours his emotional labor into his writings and a painter sweats in the middle of the day to capture the best view.  Artists pour all of their emotional energy into their work. This is why they don’t take their tasks and deliverables as ‘work’. For them, it becomes a passion project and an outlet for their creativity. If you want to become a Linchpin, you can learn a lot from the way an artist works.  Investing your emotions, time, and energy into work and produce great outcomes.

 Artists do not worry about bad ideas or bad feedback. They create again and again. Sometimes their products are not even sold but they move on to creating the next piece instead of lamenting over the feedback. As a Linchpin, you need to think of your work as an outlet for your passion and emotional energy. In this way, your work will stand out for itself.

Linchpin Book Quotes

“Delivering unique creativity is hardest of all, because not only do you have to have insight, but you also need to be passionate enough to risk the rejection that delivering a solution can bring. You must ship.” –Seth Godin

“The linchpin feels the fear, acknowledges it, then proceeds. I can’t tell you how to do this; I think the answer is different for everyone. What I can tell you is that in today’s economy, doing it is a prerequisite for success.” –Seth Godin

Linchpin Book Review

Linchpin’s Book serves excellent advice for those who want to do more than just be an ordinary employee. I enjoyed reading the parts where the author engages the work of an artist with the work of people from the corporate sector.

To Whom I Would Recommend Linchpin Book

  • To the twenty-four-year-old who is just stepping into the corporate sector as an employee.
  • To the twenty-nine-year-old manager who wants to become irreplaceable to his boss.
  • And to anyone who wants to develop a good work ethic.
Linchpin Book Summar - August 2022

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