Love Worth Making Summary – How to Form Meaningful Relations

Author: Stephen Snyder

Short Summary
Love Worth Making (2018) investigates the topic of sexuality and equips people with tools to create meaningful and exciting sexual experiences. In the book, Stephen argues that good sex isn’t just about technique but rather about focusing on and enjoying the sexual feelings themselves. He provides readers with advice on how to cultivate these sexual feelings so that they can last throughout a long-term relationship. 
love worth making

Detailed Summary of Love Worth Making

Sex is a topic that people find difficult to talk about. Many of them think that it is a taboo topic, although it is just as natural as any other part of our evolution as human beings. Sex is an important aspect of marriage, and the lack of desire for this purpose can bring about problems in the relationship.

It’s not just a physical need; it’s also an emotional one. The author explains that, as humans, we have a need to be touched, and when we aren’t, we feel lonely and depressed.

Sex is a powerful way of touching and being touched. Furthermore, the author talks about how important it is to accept each other as sexual beings and not be ashamed or afraid of it. To do that, you need to be intimate with each other, or else your relationship won’t work out.

We know that relationships require work. Sometimes we must change our habits or personality traits to secure the partnership. Lovemaking is an aspect worth considering, but also worth improving constantly.

Stephen believes that we should make love rather than fall for it by default. What does making love mean? Well, if we think about it, we can notice that making love requires a lot of work from both sides.

Love Worth Making Summary Key Points

Is your relationship getting colder because of a lack of communication and attention? Read the following key points to become aware of your feelings and understand your’s partner’s inner world.

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Be open about What you Want to get From your Partner

Thinking about your sex life causes myriad thoughts to run through your mind. What do you think about it? Does it excite you, or do you avoid thinking about it completely?

Most people enjoy pleasurable sex, but why do we find pleasure in the things that turn us on? For those who are new to the subject, this can be scary territory to tread. Embracing the sexual self with an open, non-judgmental mind is crucial for happy, healthy sex life.

When it comes to sex, we all have different preferences, kinks, and fetishes. While some of us can embrace our sexual selves with openness and a non-judgmental mind, others are too inhibited and end up suppressing themselves.

There are many ways to find insecurities in one’s sexual self, from our parents’ upbringing to the television programs we watch. This can cause inhibitions, making for an unpleasant sexual experience for you and your partner.

We have heard many stories from women who are embarrassed to experiment with their husbands, boyfriend, or lover because they are afraid their partners will think they’re kinky or dirty. Love Worth Making teaches us to embrace the sensual side. It allows them to properly express themselves sexually with the ones they love, being free of inhibitions.

Females just Needed to be Persuaded

A woman wants to feel desired and pursued at all times. She wants to feel loved and cherished, like the only person in the world who matters to you is her.

She’s not worried about whether you remember going grocery shopping because she is too busy remembering how wonderful you are. These things make a woman happy, and if you don’t keep this in mind, it can lead to major relationship problems. Here are a few ways to keep the spark alive:

  • Don’t assume she wants it just because she’s not saying no.
  • People who do it for fun don’t initiate sex all the time. If you’re looking for action, ask her. And if she’s not interested, keep in mind that she might be tired, stressed, or not in the mood. Try again in a few hours or the next day, but don’t keep pressuring her.
  • Everyone is different when it comes to foreplay. Some people like it, some don’t — so listen to her and respect her wishes. If you’re unsure what she likes, ask her what she likes, and listen to her response.

Sometimes, a man stops persuading a woman because she is available all the time to him. So, a woman should restrict him sometimes to spark his interest again.

Fix your Relationship problems Together by giving each other Attention

Problem-solving is an important subject in marriage. You need to know how to solve your problems together and make peace. If one of you feels frustration, stress, or anxiety, the chances of you having sex diminish substantially.

If you get upset with each other, do not say anything else on the subject. Instead, wait a bit and give each other the necessary attention instead.

It is known that love should be given to each other equally, no matter what happens. When you are with your partner, take care of them and give them all the attention they want. When the problems start coming, hold your partner’s hand and discuss them together.

Discuss them one by one and try to solve each problem. Remember that love is all you need, but it takes time and patience to keep your relationship worth keeping.

You will have some conflicts with your partner as time goes by. It doesn’t mean anything bad will happen between you two. There is still a chance to go back on track if you understand the problem and are ready to solve it together.

So, whenever you’re arguing with your partner, first ask yourself: “Am I being unfair?”. If yes, it’s time to admit you were wrong and accept responsibility for your mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes we just forget how important someone is to us, but facing them and admitting them is the first step to recovery.

Love Worth Making Summary Quotes

“I believe real faith grows from the sanctification of the ordinary. When as a couple you commit regularly to going to bed early to talk, and perhaps to making love afterward, that’s a sanctification of the ordinary.” Stephen Snyder

“Most women will tell you that male confidence is a key ingredient for male sexiness. A man losing his confidence is like a woman losing faith in her power to attract. It’s a very bad thing.” Stephen Snyder

Love Worth Making Summary Review

Love Worth Making is a book that explores the reasons for not having good sexual contact with your partner. You will learn about your opposing partner’s desires, needs, and wishes. This book also helps in understanding the behaviors of men and women. A good book if you want to know about lovemaking because the author’s writing style is very appealing.

To whom would I recommend Love Worth Making summary?

  • A woman wants to reconnect with her husband as their relationship is getting cold day by day.
  • The therapist wants to increase their knowledge in this area.
  • Anyone wants to keep their relationship healthy.