Make Your Bed Summary – March 2022

Author: Admiral William H. McRaven

Short Summary
Make Your Bed (2017) teaches us how little things like making our bed are important in order to be successful and how they make our way to big things in life. The author has shared ten principles that he learned during Navy SEAL training that can help us overcome challenges in our lives and can change our World.
make your bed summary
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Detailed Summary

A four-star US Navy SEAL Admiral William H. McRaven addressed the graduating class of the University of Texas. His speech went viral on YouTube and got a million views. It inspired so many people that it got published as a book as well. In the book Make Your Bed, the author William H. McRaven shared his life experience as a Navy cadet and all the hardships and challenges that he faced during his military services.

The main lesson that inspired people is how important is the little things in life and to never underestimate their power. Just as making a bed in the morning is a little thing but it helps us do better things throughout the day. The author has shared ten principles of wisdom that can help us deal with the challenges in life and transform our life.

Make Your Bed Summary Key Points

Start your day with a small task like making your bed

The author highlights the importance of doing small tasks in the morning that keeps us motivated to be productive throughout the day and also help in building momentum. He says that he used to prepare his bed to perfection as a US SEAL trainee. Recruits arranging their beds with utmost perfection are always the centerpiece of boot camp scenes in military films. Failure to perform this ceremony was punished in the author’s training by the ‘sugar cookie,’ which involved cadets diving into the water before rolling in scorching sand.

You might be thinking that when you have large responsibilities waiting for you outside why should you focus on making a bed in the morning. Right? But McRaven has a point and says that starting your day with this simple activity makes you feel proud and prepared to tackle the remainder of your assignments. McRaven spent months on a hospital bed that had been carried into his government quarters after suffering a major injury. When he was able to stand up alone for the first time, the first thing he did was modify the bed. It was his method of demonstrating that he was on the mend and making progress.

Keep moving forward and never-give-up

Next up in the Make your Bed Summary, we get a lesson that failures are a part of life but what’s important is how you are reacting to your failures. Are you learning from your failures or giving up on your dreams because of your failures.

The author gives us this lesson through his experience in SEAL training. “The Circus,” a severe endurance test paired with instructor harassment used in SEAL training, is designed to separate the strong from the weak. It made cadets stronger by exposing them to failure The Circus training caused McRaven and his team to move from last to first place in the assessment.

So, in our life, we all confront such circuses, and failure is unavoidable. Although it has a negative connotation, when reframed, it can be used to one’s benefit. Despite its proclivity for causing pain and suffering, we may use it to build strength and resolve, preparing us for life’s most difficult difficulties.

Moreover, the book teaches us to never let fear hold us back from reaching our best potential in life. To advocate this, the book shares that McRaven and his teammates once had to swim 4 miles in the dark. That was terrifying enough, but there were also reports of large white sharks near the coast that night. They swam anyhow because it was the only way to finish their SEAL training.

Importance of Teammates

We are aware of the fact that how difficult SEAL training and no man can survive SEAL training or battle on his own.

After experiencing a terrible parachute accident and receiving assistance from his wife during his months of recovery, McRaven learned this the hard way. He was severely injured in a parachute accident years ago and had to undergo months of healing and rehabilitation. If his wife hadn’t been there to support him, he believes he would have succumbed to self-pity and sadness.

So, the author teaches us to make as many friends as we can and find someone to share our life with. We all need others in our lives to assist us to get through difficult times, and any success is contingent on the contributions of others. Life can be difficult at times: the death of a loved one, a disease, or an unexpected event can all destroy your soul. These are the times when you must dig deep within yourself and summon all of your strength. But you also need the aid of your friends and family.

Who would I recommend Make your Bed Summary to?

Make your Bed Summary is recommended to all the lazy souls who want to change their lives but waiting for a miracle to happen. They need to read this book and understand how little things make a difference and have the tendency to change their life.

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