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Author: Jocelyn K. Glei

Short Summary
Maximize Your Potential (2013) is a book by Jocelyn Glei in which she offers an empowering strategy that lets you see yourself as a force to be reckoned with, capable of shaping the most your destiny. Jocelyn shows you how you can take control of your feelings, how to leverage them to create the results you desire, and how to direct them into a formidable force that will help you soar at work and in life. Maximizing Your Potential will help you take charge of your future and create the life you want to live.
maximize your potential

Detailed Summary of Maximize Your Potential

We’ve all had the experience of hearing someone say, “Follow your passion.” If you can dream it, you can do it. If there’s something you love that also aligns with your skills and strengths, it should be a breeze to get what you want. What’s the reality?

Several people look for work that meets their passions only to find themselves bored and disengaged. They may enjoy their work but not love it. If a career doesn’t ignite your passion, is there another way? How can you maximize your potential in a job that does not light you up?

The idea of finding your passion and following it is so popular that a quick Google search turns up more than nine million “follow your passion” articles. One minute you’re reading about how to find your passion, and the next thing you know, you’re bombarded with examples of successful people who followed their passion. And yes, they did get lucky and make a lot of money doing something they loved.

Instead of dreaming about leaving a job, you hate, this book “Maximize Your Potential” shows you how to turn those dreams into plans, improve yourself in the process, and build the skills that will help you in whatever you choose to pursue.

Maximize Your Potential Key Points

Do you want to unlock your full potential to get the most out of your skills and talents? How can you retain and get a better mind at work and in life? This book’s key points will teach you how one can benefit most from their skills and ambitions. These actions lead you to create a wonderful career.

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To find your Dream job, you need to find your Skills and Desires first

To find your dream job, you need to find yourself first. Ask yourself, “What do I want, and how do I want to live?” Without a clear idea of what it is that you want in life, how can you successfully apply your skills and abilities in a job?

Instead of narrowing your focus to simply “I want a job that pays well,” think about the lifestyle you want to live and the skills that will help you achieve that goal.

Looking for a job is a lot like looking for love. Let’s pretend you’re single for a second and you’re just looking for someone to date. While everyone wants a date, no one wants to date everyone. You’re not going to hit it off with every single person you meet, and there is no benefit in trying.

You wouldn’t start random conversations with random people on the street just because they were physically attractive. You would look for certain traits in a person you found attractive and talk to them if there was some kind of shared interest.

Looking for your dream job is not as difficult as it may seem. Everyone’s path to their ideal career is a little different. However, there are some commonalities. The first step is knowing what you want. Once you can articulate that, the next step is to figure out how you will get it.

So how do you land your dream job? First, focus on your skills and the lifestyle you desire. Maybe you want to work from home or travel during off-hours. Figure out what skills you want to build, and remember – it’s about showing off your value. Don’t try to be everything to everyone within the first few months.

You have to have a Yearning to Improve rather than simply Competing with others

There is a difference between being good and getting better. Aiming to improve your skills and be proficient at what you do is a great outlook that will take you places. It’s the kind of outlook that brings out the best in people. Far too many people are happy staying good at what they do and unwilling to work hard to evolve.

One of the reasons you always need to seek to get better at what you do is that it lets you improve. Being happy with your work and who you are isn’t based on what you’re doing but on how hard you’re trying to get there.

When you are good at something and set your sights on getting better at your work, you’re giving yourself a chance to grow as a person. You’re not just looking for success in your career but also in life.

Everyone wants to stay great at their jobs, but staying great is not enough “You want to get better and better.” If you are not willing to develop a yearning to improve instead of just trying to stay good at your work, then you are not going to make any progress.

Though we would always love to do a great job, that is sometimes impossible. That’s why we seek to get better. If you want to stay great at your work, you have to have a yearning to improve rather than simply competing with others.

Try to take Risks and Overlook pitfalls to take Advantage of Opportunities

Our ancient ancestors usually didn’t have very long lives. The average life expectancy during the time of the Roman Empire was just 26. What protected them from animals, weather, and other dangers was a brain that adapted to become better at avoiding risk.

But as an example, if an animal were in a high place, our ancestors would be faster to avoid it because living things that are in high places could be dangerous. This is called a “high place aversion.”

Unfortunately, you still have this aversion to uncertainty today. It causes you to feel anxious and even paralyzed when faced with novel situations, like interviewing for a new job, speaking in public, or taking an important test.

You may have heard the expression: “No risk, no reward.” This is a saying that has been used many times. And no matter how many times you hear it, it still doesn’t seem to stick. WHY? Because we are hard-wired to dislike risk.

That’s because the risk is what our brains think could cause us harm. And that’s why our brains try to protect us by making us cautious of uncertainty. We might no longer fear tigers or lions, but your brain is still trying to protect you from tigers and lions of the 21st century — your boss and competition.

Maximize Your Potential Quotes

“With focus and consistency, you can change your habits. By changing your habits, you reprogram the behaviors that control most of your life and ultimately determine your success.” Jocelyn K. Glei

“To build a career, the right question is not “What job am I passionate about doing?” but instead “What way of working and living will nurture my passion?” Jocelyn K. Glei

Maximize Your Potential Review

You all will love this book as I love it. This book will give you some great advice on how to get out of your zone and start doing a job on something you love i.e. working on your passions. This book is for you if you want something to improve your career. A must-read.

To whom would I recommend Maximize Your Potential summary?

  • Anyone who just got into his first job.
  • Who gets bored in his job and wants to find out meanings in his work.
  • Anyone wants to reach his full potential in his life.