Metahuman Unleashing your Infinite Potential Summary

Auhtor: Deepak Chopra M.D.

Short Summary
Metahuman Unleashing Your Infinite Potential (2019) teaches us how to access meta-reality’s infinite potential and become metahuman. Moreover, the book motivates the readers to break the barriers created by their minds and enter into a new state of awareness of their full potential.
metahuman unleashing your infinite potential

“To discover who you really are, you must go beyond who you think you are. To find peace, you must go beyond fear. To experience unconditional love, you must go beyond conditional love, the kind that comes and goes.”
― Deepak Chopra

Detailed Summary

The book is written by Deepak Chopra in which he reveals the techniques of getting beyond our current constraints and into a field of endless possibilities.

How does one go about doing this? By evolving into a METAHUMAN.

Being METAHUMAN, on the other hand, isn’t science fiction, and it has nothing to do with being a superhero. Rather, it means transcending the mind’s limitations and entering a new state of awareness in which we have deliberate and concrete access to peak experiences that can completely reshape people’s lives.

Moreover, the author says that what you perceive as reality is basically a simulation. This is Because they are based on social conditioning, and all of our belief systems are unrealistic.

Metahuman Unleashing your Infinite Potential Summary Key Points

How can you tap into the infinite potential to learn more? The author describes what you think is actually stimulation. You can become a metahuman when you think, observe, and access the infinite potential of materiality.

Focus on the present

The book guides us on how we can become metahumans. And according to the author, you should first comprehend meta reality’s route to infinity. And the way to get there is just to let go of everything from the past and future so you can focus on the now.

The book advises us to live in the present and focus on what’s happening. Whatever happened in the past should be avoided.  Mindfulness is another term for this, which you can cultivate with awake meditation.

This entails becoming conscious of your thoughts and physical sensations. The exercises concentrate on the nature of your body’s sensations, emotions, and thoughts. Instead of attempting to figure out what they imply, you just let them flow while watching them.

Importance of Meditation

Meditation is a popular method for reducing anxiety. Simply utilizing it to manage stress is akin to punching holes in paper with a power drill. Its ultimate strength lies in its ability to connect you to meta-reality. If you want to reach your greatest potential, focus on this possibility the next time you meditate.

The first stage is to tune in to your five senses and modify your perception of reality. Relax, concentrate on the present now, and let your mind rest on what is going on right now. Then, while you close your eyes, broaden your perception of reality. You’ll link more with meta-reality as you get better at this, which is just one step toward discovering your actual power.

Undo the process of Reification

Your ego is likewise an endless, ever-changing entity, but you limit it by ascribing fixed characteristics to your “personality.” With so many experiences, societal conventions, beliefs, and mental conditioning that we go through, the reification of the self appears unattainable. However, this is an issue since it prevents you from reaching your greatest potential.

You must undo the process of self-reification that began when you were born. It may take your entire life, but that is only one of the reasons why it is so vital. You’ll soon discover ways to break free from limiting ideas and misleading stories so you can see your genuine and best self if you take it one step at a time.

We can do it by realizing that society has been attempting to interpret everything in the world for us since the minute we first took a breath. As you age, you pick up on other people’s explanations for what’s happening in the world.  Try to think only of one original thought to reconnect with your inner self. That means considering something that has never been considered before in history and is not based on any sort of media.

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Metareality is the source of Creativity

According to the author, the true source of creativity which we may all access, is meta-reality. We are most inspired when we can see beyond the rules of what we believe to be a reality. Developing awareness and accessing meta-reality are the best strategies to see through these subjective rules and rearrange reality in new, creative ways.

 Shakespeare, for example, utilized Elizabethan vocabulary and realized how to employ it in a profoundly innovative way outside of its usual context. Van Gogh, with his creative manner of depicting the world via art, was another who channeled this energy.

“The only hope for escaping the traps of the conditioned mind is to use its better nature as a thread,”
― Deepak Chopra

Your thinking creates your reality. You, too, can break away from society’s-imposed constraints and become a metahuman, just like Van Gogh and Shakespeare did. You no longer have to accept society’s constraints in your life.

Who would I recommend Metahuman Unleashing your Infinite Potential Summary to?

The book Metahuman Unleashing your Infinite Potential is recommended to those who want to achieve their dreams and want to do something out of the box. The book will motivate them to start doing something to achieve their dreams and guide them about the ways to do it.

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