My Morning Routine Summary & Analysis

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My Morning Routine (2018) is a book written by Benjamin Spall and Michael Xander. The authors draw on the experiences of the world’s most successful people to reveal how they wake up each day, plan their days, and make the most of their mornings. These daily routines will give you a structure to follow that will allow you to improve your productivity, develop better habits, be more effective with your time, and live a happier and more fulfilling life.
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Detailed Summary of My Morning Routine

When you’re busy, you need structure to make it happen. That’s where routines come in. Routines are rituals you build around the goals that help you accomplish them. And if you’re willing to put in the work, a daily routine can be your engine of the success of that power.

Now check out world-class performers like Barack Obama and Serena Williams in their morning routines for a sense of what hot people do first thing when their day begins.

It’s a simple idea: If you want to change your life, copy the proven habits of the most productive people on the planet. The challenge is that most people are out of shape, so they can’t add much. On the other hand, there are also millions of people who already have productive habits but haven’t done any work to protect and preserve these habits in the long run. They may have great habits but often struggle to keep them.

In this book, the author has combined the best productivity habits of some of the most productive people on the planet.

My Morning Routine Summary Key Points

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

You must have heard the phrase ‘Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy wise’. When you apply this quote to your life, it not only makes you healthier but also opens your mind to the newest and innovative ways. Getting up early in the morning when the light and chill breeze and sounds of singing birds give you inner peace and serenity.

And when you do meditation or yoga in the morning it elevates your mind and makes your body relax. So when you are updating your morning routine from 9 AM to 5 AM? The below points are practical advice that provokes you to start your routine in the early morning to be productive for the whole day.

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Do the Meditation regularly, it’ll keep you Productive the whole Day

A morning routine is a set of habits that you do at the beginning of your day. Whether it’s exercise, meditation, or taking time out to feed your soul, your routine sets the tone for your entire day. The case studies highlighted in “Superhuman by Science” show a variety of ways people use their morning routines to stay happy and healthy.

For example, one survey participant uses yoga as a way to connect with her body, another uses dance to shake off the sleep cobwebs, and many individuals put on headphones and listen to music while they walk — all starting their days off on the right foot.

Exercise and meditation are just two components of a healthy morning ritual.

Psychologists who study habit formation divide the process into three steps: cue, routine, and reward.

The cue is the thing that triggers your brain to go into an automatic mode (known as “priming”). It might be the sound of your alarm. Or it might be something like sunlight streaming through the blinds, telling you it’s time to get up and get moving. If that cue is a loud noise or an abrupt burst of light, you’ll rouse yourself out of sleep, but you’ll feel groggy for the rest of the day.

The routine is your morning exercise or meditation session. And the reward? That comes in several parts: There’s the physiological boost from exercising, plus any sense of accomplishment that comes from doing something difficult.

Start your Day with Something you Love to Do

Your morning routine can set the tone for the day, but with a jam-packed agenda and hectic schedule, it’s sometimes hard to find the time to do the things that matter. We’ve outlined some simple ways you can get yourself ready for anything right now. Read on to discover five things you should be doing every morning as a way to prepare yourself for a day of productivity, relaxation, and good health.

To give yourself a little time to relax before the day begins, try starting one of these activities:

  • Drink a hot cup of coffee with your favorite sweet treat.
  • Go for a walk outside with your favorite tunes playing in your headphones.
  • Breathe in a calming scent using aromatherapy oils.
  • Meditate for a few minutes.
  • Read an inspiring and motivational book for 10 minutes.

Always take the time to give yourself the gift of self-care and you’ll be more likely to maintain it throughout the day.

Get enough Sleep so you shouldn’t get Depend on Alarms

The thing with the sleep cycle alarm clock is that it wakes you up during the lightest phase of your sleep – your “wake-up window” – to help you wake up in a more relaxed state. It does this by analyzing your sleep habits and adjusting the timing and sound of your alarm accordingly.

When your phone is placed on your bed and connected via Bluetooth, the app analyses your movements during the night and tracks how much REM (rapid eye movement) sleep you’re getting.

During REM sleep, you dream, which is when most of your dreaming occurs and also when your body repairs damaged cells and tissues. If you’re not getting enough REM sleep, it might affect your health, productivity, and overall well-being.

In the masterful words of Redditors (of course): ‘When you wake up, your brain has just been bombarded with sensory stimuli from every direction. It’s a lot to handle, so your brain just says “**** I’m tired, let’s just try to get you back to where we were when things were comfortable and safe.”

So how can you best your brain’s need to preserve energy? Start getting up earlier. Slowly work up to waking up a full 1-2 hours before you have to be awake. Your body will start getting used to this schedule, which will kick in when you eventually have a sleep-deprived morning. It’ll be hard at first but stick with it – the benefits will show.

My Morning Routine Quotes

“Truth be told, it’s difficult to have a good day without starting your morning with intention. Your mornings are a blank slate, an opportunity to start again.” –Benjamin Spall, Michael Xander

 “SHEENA BRADY CEO of Tease Tea, merchant success lead at Shopify When you’re working two jobs at once and you’re trying very, very hard not to multitask.” –Benjamin Spall, Michael Xander

My Morning Routine Summary Review

My Morning Routine is a book that will help you build a routine very efficiently. It is a book that is written after extensive research. The author also has written down some important tips and strategies from the most successful people in the world. A must-recommended book for everyone.

To whom I would recommend My Morning Routine Summary?

  • Anyone who struggles to adopt the morning routine.
  • Anyone who feels like he is not getting good sleep.
  • Anyone who loves to read about successful people.