No Excuses Book Summary & Review

Author: Brian Tracy

Short Summary
No Excuses (2010) teaches us the importance the self-discipline in order to be successful in our life. Moreover, the book guides us on how to master the art of self-discipline.
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Are you the type of person who is constantly delaying work? Or you have tons of excuses when you cannot achieve your goals. This is all a matter of self-discipline. Self-discipline tells how to manage time between their work, career, and life. 

But where should you start? 

Self-discipline is an act of self-examining and then prioritizing your work according to your requirements. The more you set your life goals, the better you acquire them. But most people are shown to procrastinate in this matter and are always searching for excuses for not doing their job. Let’s see what this No Excuses Book Summary teaches us in this matter. 

Detailed Summary of No Excuses Book

The book “No Excuses” is written by motivational speaker Brian Tracy. It reveals the importance of self-discipline as a crucial element of success in life. The study of this book tells how to break down the barriers to acquiring the targets. This book’s primary focus is on improving three areas of life: Personal success, career success, and overall happiness through self-discipline.

Main Key Points

The book, No Excuses shed life on self-disciplinary techniques one should adopt in their life. It reveals one should be consistent in life to complete their task by acquiring self-discipline strategies. Following are the main crux of the book that I have highlighted.

Learn Seven Steps methods that lead you toward life achievements

Do you need motivation every time to get started on your life’s tasks?  

To gain motivation, one should listen to motivational speaking speeches to succeed in their life. One should improve and motivate oneself by learning how one behaves, talks, dresses, and sits. 

In this book, the author Brian Tracy gives seven steps methods that lead you toward life achievements. These seven steps help you to achieve your targets, no matter if they are tiny or big. 

Moreover, he has highlighted the importance of self-actualization because a person with self-knowledge can make changes and do excellent things in life. He explains this concept by giving an example: if you set aside 3% of your total income and get a little time for yourself, you will potentially improve toward your goals. 

Brian encourages readers by telling them to spend their time on something worthwhile rather than sitting idly and lazy all day. This is only the thing that makes you different from others in society. 

Self-actualization helps you in this matter. The following are Tracy’s seven steps to help you achieve your goals. Have you read The Power of the Other Summary yet?

Seven Steps

  1. The first out of seven steps is to know your life goal exactly. Once you determine your primary target, you will take baby steps toward it to achieve them. 
  2. The next step is to determine how you can accomplish your goals. 
  3. Once you are done with choosing goals, make a deadline. Your deadline must be a realistic one. If your tasks are big and hectic, break them into sub-tasks and get yourself ready to work on them.
  4. Now consider the difficulties you might face in your goals and the resources you need to succeed. 
  5. Making your goals list is not enough. Ensure you organize your list by prioritizing the goals. Note the useful one must be done in the first place. 
  6. Start working on your objectives from today by taking baby steps.
  7. Do something related to your work every day, no matter how small, because doing something is better than nothing. 

Learn to know about yourself to become better in your life

The more you learn about your life, the better version of yourself you become. Two types of people do self-analysis and improve themselves. On the contrary, some people are always searching for others’ motivation. They have a lack of self-confidence. 

In this way, you learn five ingredients of happiness to take control of your life and feel good about yourself. You may also be interested in Why “A” Students Work for “C” Students Summary

Facing no money crisis 

The formula for financial independence is living on 99% of your income and saving 1% of your income. This way, you can feel free from money. 

Health brings high energy

The only way to be happy is to eat healthy foods. Because a healthy diet brings a high energy level, stop eating food made with free whites, salt, sugar, and flour. 

Develop Positive Relationships

Ensure you develop a healthy and positive relationship with yourself first. You are the first one to observe your flaws. Additionally, stop taking everything too personally. Since we are social animals, we love to take notes from others. In this way, we get blamed and taunts that might hurt us.  

Do what you like

Determine whether your job makes you happy or distresses you every other day. Engage yourself in things that really match your passion and goals in your life.


Self-actualization and acknowledgment are feelings that let you know that you are doing great in your life and enjoy every bit of your work. Plus, this feeling tells you you are becoming a better person with each passing day, and each day takes you toward your goals. 

Fear of Failure can Overcome 

Not only demotivation but also fear of failure creates obstacles in your life path to achieve your goals. However, you can still overcome these fear sights by mastering self-discipline techniques. 

Even a brave person can lack motivation and have fears too, but they know how to manage the situation and undertake these challenges. But how can we overcome this fear of failure? Tracy shared some techniques and strategies to help overcome these fears by calling them The Disaster Reports.

  • The first step is to write down the things you are afraid of, such as not being good enough for others or fear after something terrible happens.
  • Recall the worst scene ever and write it on paper. This thing helps you to forget the case.
  • Find solutions for your problems. For example, if you lose some money, you can earn it back by working hard. 
  • Determine some actions to forget the worst and bad cases. This thing will lessen your fear and anxiety. 

Consider these tricks and apply them if you are facing fear and anxiety due to something worse happening.

Who must read this book?

The book “No excuse” is dedicated to anyone who wants to get better in life, whether it is work, finances, freedom, relationship, or parenting. It provides insight into many areas of life. By reading this book, one can develop the practice of self-discipline in their life and get happy.