No Excuses Book Summary – March 2022

Author: Brian Tracy

Short Summary
No Excuses (2010) teaches us the importance the self-discipline in order to be successful in our life. Moreover, the book guides us on how to master the art of self-discipline.
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Detailed Summary

The book is written by a motivational speaker Brian Tracy who has revealed the secret of success. According to him, the key to success is self-discipline. When we stop procrastination and start acting then we get closer to our goals and dreams.

The author teaches us a lesson to never leave anything on tomorrow and always start acting up from today because tomorrow never arrives. When we make excuses to work hard, we go away from our goals and the author has called them losers who make excuses. Whereas when we become more disciplined in our lives, we get one step closer to our goals. Moreover, the author says that it’s not necessary to be lucky in order to be successful. It’s all about chasing your dreams and being passionate about them.  success always makes its way when we put effort into something or work hard with full determination.

No Excuses Book Key Points

The Seven-Step Method

The author Brian Tracy has shared Seven-Step Method to improve your life and get closer to your dreams. He has highlighted the importance of self-actualization as it necessitates the acquisition of skills and knowledge.

Besides this, he says that if you set aside 3% of your income and a little time each day you will be able to improve your performance from mediocre to excellent. By this, Brian means that instead of sitting idle, we should utilize that time in learning something new which will help us in the long run and make us different from others.

We also learn so much from the people around us. Be a good observer and start getting motivation from them. In this way, we can start applying their good habits which will act as a baby step towards your success.    

The author’s Seven-Step Method can assist us:

  • The first step is to define your objective precisely. When you know exactly what you want in your life, only then you can achieve them. Let’s suppose if you want to save money, you must first select how much you want to save I.e the number.
  • After you know what you want and how much you want, make a list of your objectives. And work accordingly.
  • Then time is very important. We should make a deadline – a reasonable one. If your goal is difficult to obtain or will take a long time to complete, divide it into subtasks and assign each one a deadline. It will make us responsible and help in accomplishing your tasks smoothly. Moreover, it will make us disciplined.
  • Consider the challenges you might face along the way, as well as the resources you’ll need to succeed, such as expertise, and write a list of specific measures to obtain them.
  • Not just making a list is important but working in a certain pattern is also necessary. Organize the list by priority and chronology, keeping in mind that the most useful chores should be finished first. Then put them all in your calendar.
  • The most important thing is to start working from today by taking the first step.
  • Every day, do something, no matter how tiny, to move closer to your objective. Take baby steps but do something at least. Just know that something is better than nothing.

Self-discipline and self-esteem

Just as the author is emphasizing being self-disciplined in order to be successful and get closer to you, he has also highlighted the importance of self-esteem and its relationship with self-discipline. Self-discipline and self-esteem go hand in hand: the more self-mastery and self-control you practice, the more you like and appreciate yourself; the more you discipline yourself, the larger your sense of self-respect and personal pride; the more you practice self-discipline, the better your self-image. You have a more favorable perception of yourself and how you think about yourself. As a human, you feel happier and more powerful and hence successful.

Self-discipline is essential for developing self-esteem and respect for oneself. Self-discipline development is your assurance that you will finally conquer all of your challenges and establish a good life for yourself.

Adopt the habits that unsuccessful people hate

Another great piece of advice that the No Excuses book gives to the readers is that start adopting tiny habits that unsuccessful people hate. In this way, you get to know that these are the things that are coming our way to success. This way you will be able to overcome them.

Moreover, it found out that the things that successful people despise are the same things that failures despise as well. Successful people, on the other hand, do them regardless because they understand that it is the price, they must pay in order to achieve more success and benefits in the future. Although the fear that comes in the way of success or unsuccessful is natural but we should never let it control us.

Who would I recommend No Excuses Book to?

No Excuses book is highly recommended to all the procrastinators and lazy souls who delay their work and leave it for tomorrow. The book will teach them the importance of self-discipline in order to be successful in their life and achieve their dreams.

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