Outwitting the Devil Summary – March 2022

Author: Napolean Hill, Sharon L. Lechter, Mark Victor Hansen

Short Summary
Outwitting the Devil (2011) summary will motivate you to have an aim in your life. The author has explained how important it is to figure out your purpose in life to reach your full potential. Moreover, the book highlights how fears hinder our success by interviewing the devil.
outwitting the devil summary
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Detail Summary

The book is written by Napolean Hill and involves an imaginary interview with the devil. The author has written the book in such a way that he is taking interviews with the devil. Because of the book’s controversial title, it was published 72 years after it was written.

In the book, the author has tried to motivate the readers to overcome their fears either by talking to themselves or getting inspired by the stories of success as well as unsuccessful people. This is because he realized that people learn more about the true stories of the people and their struggles to get their dreams. He interviewed a large group of people ranging from normal to extraordinary. Moreover, the author says that although fear is a natural instinct but never let it govern you.

Outwitting the Devil Summary Key Points

Fear hinders our success

The author blames fear for failure. He has also emphasized the importance of goals in our lives in order to succeed because Drifting without aim or purpose is the first cause of failure, according to Napoleon Hill.

When we hit a rut or fall into a certain sort of depression, it’s generally due to a lack of direction and a sense of isolation and loneliness. Furthermore, we are controlled by fear which is why they lead us to failure.

So, the author Napoleon Hill began by studying failure and believed that talking to successful people was the key to understanding it. But after some time, he realized that as such as knowing the story of successful people is important, we need to know the story of unsuccessful people and their struggles. So, he altered his attention and began analyzing unsuccessful people. The concept was to learn about success by failing and he learned that when we fail, we must rethink our goals and techniques in order to progress.

Moreover, Hill claims that we are taught to be drifters from a young age and that the devil is the one who encourages us to do so. We’re exposed to things early in life that makes us want to go through life robotically, and we lose the ability to think critically.

The Hypnotic Rhythm

Next up in the Outwitting the Devil summary, we learn that we’re all prone to creating both good and bad habits. We are prone to falling into patterns and developing long-term habits as a result. We can also replace negative habits with positive ones, as we know from habit formation. Moreover, we act in a hypnotic state where we live life as if on autopilot as a result of our habitual conduct.

Just like that Drifting is a “hypnotic rhythm,” according to Hill, and it is one of the most harmful habits we can develop. We must be more alert and aware of our activities if we want to break our tendency of drifting. We must question ourselves why we do what we do and pay attention to our inner voices. This means that we should listen to our gut and intuition. We must build an engaged and present mindset in order to become non-drifters. We must also devise specific plans and objectives. Non-drifters have a strong sense of direction and never blame others for their failure. It’s critical to be the protagonist of your own storey and to act in a way that honours all of your abilities.

Seven principles to gain freedom

We all want to get freedom in our lives and freedom comes in different forms like we have mental freedom, spiritual as well as physical freedom. The author tells us how we can gain freedom of every form through seven principles.  Hill finally goes about asking the lord of evil for ways to battle his deadly troops after he compelled the devil to expose every wicked technique in his book.

He outlines seven rules that people should follow in order to achieve freedom in all aspects of their lives:

Purposefulness is defined as the ability to know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it Choose a purpose, a lofty ambition, or a lofty goal, and work relentlessly toward it. Throughout the book, the author tells us how important it is to have a purpose in life.

Self-control is a virtue. Discipline equates to liberty. If you live your entire life on impulse, you’ll end up like a drifter. Never let anything control or govern you. You are the writer of your life.

Adversity is a great teacher. Failures are simply that: failures. It is up to us whether we learn from them or allow them to hold us back. When we learn from our failures, they help us grow.

Controlling the effects of the environment It’s important who you hang out with. It’s important to consider the appearance of your space.

Time. Drifting and negativity might become permanent over time. However, it has the potential to make happiness and knowledge permanent.

Harmony. You must be the major actor in order to balance the mental, spiritual, and physical components of your existence.

Caution. Always take action. However, always consider your options before taking action and do what you feel is best for you considering all the options.

Who would I recommend Outwitting the Devil Summary to?

Outwitting the Devil summary is recommended to those who let fear control them and become a victim of failure and hence the devil.

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