Own Your Everyday Summary – Book based on Who You Truly Are

Author: Jordan Lee Dooley

Short Summary
“Own Your Everyday” is a self-help book by Jordan Lee Dooley, a millennial motivational speaker and business coach. The book was published in 2019 and guides millennials on fulfilling and purposeful lives.
The Own Your Everyday Summary focuses on helping readers find their passion and purpose and provides practical tips and advice on turning those passions into a fulfilling career or side hustle. It also covers time management, self-care, and stress and burnout.

Do any of you ever feel the pressure to look flawless? Certainly yes. We all live in a world where people quickly judge everyone and try to change them just for pleasure. We offer them our biased and unmindful opinions. We told them to chase this and that and skip what they are doing and what they preferred the most. 

While doing all these to look flawless, we lost our prettiest thoughts and intelligent moves. The true and literal purpose of doing something is when you get peace. The summary of the book I will write today is all about Owning yourself instead of making others happy. 

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Main Tenets of Own Your Everyday Summary

Some of the key takeaways from “Own Your Everyday” include:

  • Finding your purpose and passion
  • Cultivating a positive mindset
  • Overcoming fear and self-doubt
  • Building a supportive community
  • Creating healthy habits and boundaries

Positive Self-talk – Love Yourself

In Own Your Everyday Summary, the author describes humans’ insecurities and complexities about our bodies, talking styles, and beauty. Someone is insecure about his/her height; at the same time, few are complex about their skin color. These imperfections seem ridiculous, but they are truly found in humans’ minds. 

Nobody is perfect; this is the ultimate truth and fact. 

Just like the author, who was insecure about her skin since she turned 13. By reading the book, we know that she strives to get clear and clean skin. She was so insecure about her facial cystic acne that she felt embarrassed to go out. Even tries to hide them with makeup. 

One day, Dooley visited a doctor to discover the truth about her acne. The doctor told her that camouflaging her acne with makeup makes her skin terrible. Additionally, the acne worsens slowly, resulting in more painful breakouts deep in her skin. 

As a result, we learn that hiding or covering our flaws aggravates them. That is, it prevents us from reaching our full potential. To overcome our insecurities, we must learn to own them and accept responsibility for them rather than allowing them to possess and rule us. Furthermore, accept them as a part of you and use them for your good.

Own Yourself as you are

The author, Dooley, ultimately finds that the problem’s truth is that she must embrace her acne rather than get insecure. She compares her acne with real-life problems and imperfections. Her covering acne with makeup is just like when we hide our flaws. 

Same with the acne case, covering your imperfections worsens things and keeps you from achieving your ultimate goal. 

Owning yourself as you are is the real strength because that is how you can reach your goal and target. Finding your weakness and flaws and working on them is proof of your struggle to find life’s purpose. 

We often see people around us on social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, and we quickly compare ourselves to them. Even after knowing this is their one side story, the struggle behind it might be different.

We get anxious and feel self-efficacy while checking others’ posts and pictures, which is unhealthy for us. They trap us no matter how hard we try not to dig in. This means comparison-induced pressure, which you sooner or later must overcome. 

According to Jordan, we compare our victory to others, ourselves to some idealized of ourselves, and our problems to others. She continued by saying that avoiding the comparison trap requires community, communication, and compassion. 

She gave specific examples of how we can take control of our lives daily. Cheering on our “competition” is one of these suggestions, as is leaning in to get to know the people we most envy or compare ourselves to and taking breaks long enough to remember why we’re doing something in the first place.

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Use the 10-10-10 Rule to overcome distractions

To combat distractions and uphold your focus on your path, the author has shared her 10-10-10 Rule. Like everyone else, the author struggled with procrastination. Jordan took on the diversions that we all frequent experience. For example, a kid can easily distract by sharpening a pencil and rubber while studying. 

Furthermore, she argues that it’s not always a lack of options that keeps us from moving forward; sometimes, it’s a seemingly endless list of options with the fear of making the wrong choice.

In this way, the author advises us to write a list of all the things that distract us as a way to overcome this. Doing this will teach us why we keep straying from our objectives.

Apply the 10-10-10 rule proposed by author Suzy Welch after you’ve listed all your favorite time-wasters. When choosing what to prioritize, consider how your choice will affect the subsequent periods.

To whom is this book dedicated?

The book “Own Your Everyday” by Jordan Lee Dooley is intended for women who desire to live purposeful lives and make a difference in the world. It is written for those who want to take control of their daily routines and habits and transform their ordinary days into meaningful ones.

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“Own Your Everyday Summary” is a practical and motivational guide for millennials who are looking to find purpose and meaning in their everyday lives. Jordan Lee Dooley emphasizes the importance of embracing the present moment and making the most of everyday life. 

The author encourages readers to take small steps toward their goals and focus on what truly matters. She stresses the significance of self-care, prioritizing relationships, and living with purpose, and ultimately encourages readers to own their everyday lives and make them meaningful.

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