Own Your Everyday Summary – March 2022

Author: Jordan Lee Dooley

Short Summary
Own Your Everyday (2019) motivates the readers to find their true purpose in life and never let the pressure of others force them to do something. Besides this, never compare yourself with others. It will only give you stress and anxiety and won’t help you to reach your dreams.
own your everyday
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Detailed Summary

This inspiring book is written by Jorden Lee Dooley in which she has shared her life experiences and how she managed to overcome her fears, insecurities, and anxiety. Through her own life stories, she wants to motivate the readers to find their true purpose in life and live meaningful life.

According to the author Jordon. Our deepest desires reveal our deepest insecurities. This means that fears and insecurities come along the desires and passion. But she teaches us how to overcome them and never let them control you.

Moreover, the pressure of people around us stop us from doing what we want to do and this is the main problem. We often tend to please others and especially compare ourselves with other people. We should chase our dreams and not people because it’s always you VS you.

Own Your Everyday Key Points

Embrace your imperfections

We are humans and humans are not supposed to be perfect. Everyone has some insecurities like someone is insecure of her short height, someone is insecure of her facial hair or someone is insecure of her acne. Just like that the author shares her story in her book when she was dealing with the cystic acne. She was so insecure that she used to hide them with makeup. But one day she went to dermatologist and found out that covering them up is making them even worse.

So, we get a lesson that when we hide or cover our imperfections, we are making it worse. This means that it stops us from reaching our full potential. We must start on the inside and learn to own ourselves and take responsibility for our insecurities, instead of letting them own and control us. Moreover, embrace them they are a part of you and make it your power.

Stop comparing yourself

The author teaches us that when we compare ourselves with others, it only gives us stress and depression. Instead, we should focus on ourselves.

We often see people around us especially on social media like Instagram or Facebook and we instantly start comparing our whole life with them. The anxiety and uncertainty you feel when you check what others are posting on social media isn’t good for you. However, it’s difficult to avoid getting dragged in. This is referred to as comparison-induced pressure, and you must overcome it.

We compare our triumphs to others, we compare ourselves to some idealized image of ourselves, and we compare our problems, according to Jordan. She went on to say that community, communication, and compassion are all important in breaking free from the comparison trap. She gave some particular examples of how we might take ownership of our lives on a daily basis. Cheering on our “competition” (and even letting them win our made-up competitions) is one of these suggestions, as is leaning in to get to know individuals we most envy or compare ourselves to, and pausing long enough to recall why we’re doing something in the first place.

10-10-10 Rule

The author has shared her 10-10-10 Rule to overcome distractions in order to stay focused on your path. Just like everyone, the author also faced procrastination. Jordan took on the distractions that we all encounter on a regular basis, particularly when we are overwhelmed by indecision. She suggested that when we consider what we were created to do, we may feel overwhelmed because there are so many possibilities, so many voices shouting at us, and so many shiny objects attracting our attention. Perhaps we are not always trapped owing to a lack of possibilities, but rather due to an unending array of options combined with the dread of making the incorrect decision or choosing the wrong thing. This will invariably result in distraction. Distraction diverts our attention away from what really matters, where we’re going, and who we need to be.

To overcome this, the author suggests us to make a list of all the things that distract you. By doing this, firstly we will come to know what are the root causes of us drifting away from our goals.

Once you’ve identified all of your favorite time-wasters, apply author Suzy Welch’s 10-10-10 rule. Think about the repercussions of your decision in the following time periods while you’re deciding what to prioritise:

Time limit: 10 minutes

ten weeks ten years

This is a simple technique to make better decisions right now. Consider the consequences of procrastinating your blog article in order to check social media. It might not make you happier in 10 minutes, and you’ll wish you’d written it and began expanding your business in 10 weeks or 10 years.

Who would I recommend Own your Everyday book to?

The book Own your Everyday is recommended to those who compare themselves with others on social media and idealize them. The book will help them understand that everything we see on social media is not true. People only post the better version of themselves on social media. Moreover, a teenager who is dealing with acne and is insecure about them needs to read this book.

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