Pivot: The Only Move That Matters is Your Next One Summary

Author: Jenny Blake

Short Summary
Pivot (2016) by Jenny Blake gives the techniques to have confidence that you can change your career by analyzing the basics elements. For example, focusing on your strengths, ignoring weaknesses, experimenting with different ideas, and developing opportunities. He also explained the 4-step strategy to practice in day-to-day businesses.
pivot: the only move that matters is your next one
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Detailed Summary of The Only Move That Matters is Your Next One

Have you ever considered if you are satisfied with the career or profession you chose earlier? Are you happy with your position in the firm you work for? Or want to change your position or transfer to another firm?

Some years ago, I wanted to change my career, but I thought it was too late because it is a big process, along with a lot of hurdles and difficulties. Then I read somewhere that people change their careers, which is not a big deal if you are unhappy with your previous field.

It filled me with hope, and I started looking for opportunities in which I was passionate. Getting to where I am today was a cycle. If I had to sum it up in a word, it would be ‘Pivot.’

The moment I learned most from and have been most proud of was a pivot. My pivot was to leave my medical for entrepreneurship. I can’t exactly pinpoint the pivot point in my journey because the journey is not a name of a straight line. There have been many moments of clarity, along with thoughts that what others will say.

However, each time I push myself and find a way to be confident and comfortable in my decision. I love the times of utter failure when everything just went wrong but trust me! That was the best decision of my life.

Pivot: The Only Move That Matters is Your Next One Key points

A pivot is always a change of plan, even if it is only in your head. A pivot cab is big or small, painful or exciting. You may think by making changes in your career will take time, and if it goes bad, it will cost you. But you don’t have to worry because the following key points will teach you to become a pivot.

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Be aware of your Financial situation and Skills

When you are in a situation to make a career pivot, you may be nervous, but it is not a time to panic. You just have to prepare yourself by taking stock of your skills and finances if you already don’t have one. Your strengths and financial situations might surprise you. By doing this now, you will be ready for all the opportunities that may come your way.

The thing to figure out is that in which thing you are good at. This can be difficult because no one likes to think about their weaknesses. However, looking back on your past experiences and performances is necessary.

Recognize the area of expertise you were good at. It will be a moment when you realize that your career is not going as expected, and you need to pivot. You might feel panic, anxiety, or stress.

Especially if you at not still ready for it. But you are not alone in this because, according to the survey, many people feel the same in this kind of situation at certain periods in their lives.

Seek out Opportunities; they won’t fall on your Lap

What will be your next step? Just get out and start taking steps to show that you are committed and confident about your decision. As you seek opportunities, you need to remember that opportunities will not fall in your lap.

You are going to have to seek them out. We all have heard stories of people who were just sitting and doing nothing, and from nowhere, a business opportunity landed in their laps, and they ended up making a million dollars. Unless you do extraordinary things, this is not how it works.

You will often hear the phrase work smarter, not harder, in this space because it is applicable in reality. Instead of waiting for opportunities to find you, go out and create your opportunities.

Gather advice from peers and mentors, and ask your friends and family if they can help you with it. Search job boards, participate in open job houses, and visit job fairs and other career events in your area according to your expertise or passion.

Because in this business world, opportunities are everywhere. You just have to be proactive to seek them out. If you sit by idly hoping for an opportunity to find you, you are going to be waiting for a long time.

Take small Experiments to Figure out your Career’s risks to Manage them Timely

It may not seem like a big deal or even a huge risk to jump into your next career. Most people who work in the corporate world have done it before. They know that they could always get another job if they get fired.

However, if you are building a business or dream career, managing the risk of making a transition is very important.

For example, you are a writer and want to write fiction. However, you don’t want to spend years and years on a novel that could fail. In such a scenario, you make a playful outline for a bunch of stories and put them online as “free samples” of what you want to work on.

It will be a promotion for you and give the prospective readers a chance to read your work whether they like it or not. Based on their reviews, you can take your next time whether you want to complete your novel or not.

In the startup world, we call these small types of tests “minimum viable products.” They’re often small experiments that allow you to launch an idea and get feedback on whether it’s good—without too much time or money.

For example, if you want to be a writer, perhaps you start by creating a blog to build an audience and write a book. If you want to be a graphic designer, you may launch a side gig doing simple graphics for your friends.

Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Summary Quotes

“You can learn to enjoy calculated risk and uncertainty in exchange for adventure, flexibility, freedom, and opportunity.” Jenny Blake

“What you can plan is too small for you to live.” Jenny Blake

Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Summary Review

Pivot is a book for those readers who want to make transitions in their careers. You can use tips and tricks to avoid stress and discomfort while changing your pathway. If you have any idea in your head that is unrelated to your current job, this is the book for you. Read it, Change your mind, and Work on your ideas.

To whom would I recommend Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Summary?

  • Fresh graduates will take a step in their professional life to determine the best decision.
  • Anyone sick of their previous job but has fears in taking the new initiatives.
  • Anyone who wants to change his profession.

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