Psycho Cybernetics Summary – July 2022

Author: Maxwell Maltz

Short Summary
Psycho Cybernetics (1960) explains how your self-image can determine your success. This guide will show you how to alter your mind so that you can achieve your goals.
psycho cybernetics summary
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Detailed Summary

Psycho Cybernetics explains a system of ideas that can improve one’s self-image. This improved self-image can in return help us achieve our goals. If you keep telling yourself you are a failure every day, you will instill demotivation and a lack of self-esteem in your personality. Crying over our failures and recalling them, again and again, make us habitual of thinking about them. For us, it becomes a regular pattern to think about failures. It is like we sabotage our own future.

But if we can make ourselves habitual of failure, we can also work towards making ourselves habitual of success. The key is to figure out what you think about yourself, rewire your brain to think about success and find happiness in this journey.

Psycho Cybernetics Summary Key Points

Who Am I?

Each one of us has made a certain image of our personalities in our heads. That image can be either blurry, vivid, or clear but it is always there. In simple words, I am talking about the nouns and adjectives you associate with ourselves. For example, I can say: I am a ‘writer’, I am a ‘night owl’, I am a ‘perfectionist’ but I tend to ‘procrastinate’. These words explain how I feel about myself. Even though I did not consciously try to remember who am I, the image is always present in my mind. So how are these notions formed if I did not consciously learn who I am? These ideas are basically formed by the experiences, memories, struggles, successes, and failures that a person goes through in his life.

 For some people, certain moments and experiences are fleeting and temporary. Something happens, and the next day they are over it. For others, certain experiences become a part of who they are. Experiences influence everyone but some experiences may influence you more than another experience. According to Dr. Maxwell Maltz mental representation of our personality, is the key to transformation. If you think you are a success you are much more likely to become one. Similarly, if you think you are a mess and a failure the chances of you becoming these will increase.

How Do You Use Your Rational Thinking For Your Benefit

Our beliefs are hypnotizing. Whether it is a true belief rooted in facts and rationality or a false one rooted in biasedness; our beliefs affect how we see ourselves and the world. To explain this, the author gives the example of his friend who believed that he was not good at solving mathematical equations. His teacher believed the same. This belief system led him to get poor grades because he had made up his mind about his lack of skills. One day he ends up solving a very complex mathematical equation, and his low-achieving belief about himself was changed. He started believing that if he could solve such a hard equation. He could certainly solve the authors. By combating the negative self-image he had made up in his mind he excelled.

The problem does not live in what we think. It lies in the conclusions we draw from them. Instead of thinking, ‘I lost the basketball tournament that means I must be very bad at it,’ change your thinking into limiting that though. ‘I lost the basketball tournament but I can win it through hard work and willpower the next time.’

Imagination is Fancy and Powerful

The human nervous system might be one of the biggest miracles but there is a way for you to hack it! It cannot tell the difference between real-life occurrences and the things we imagine. Because of the possibility that anything CAN happen. We cannot control what happens around us but we can certainly create an imagination powerful enough to drive us to our goals.

Research even found that when humans were hypnotized and told that they would not feel pain during surgery, they did not. That too, without anesthesia! So why not use the power of hypnosis to make our mind believes that we are destined for success. Remember the times you succeed, instead of storing the memories in which you have failed. By doing so, you will be programming your mind to believe that succeeding in a task is a huge possibility.

Happiness is not an Outcome but an Attitude

In the words of Benjamin Franklin,  “Happiness consists more in conveniences of pleasure that occur every day than in great pieces of good fortune that happen but seldom.” But most of us are unaware that wealth, celebrity, and success have no inherent worth. Happiness is more important than these things. When we associate enjoyment with them, they only start to have meaning. If fame, fortune, and success don’t make you happy, they will lose all importance.

So, is it possible to be truly happy without allowing external circumstances to influence or affect us? According to the author, the moments that can make us happy are those in which we give our best and fully immerse ourselves in the activity. Similar to setting important goals, working towards them can make us happy. Recall that happiness is not about the outcome. It is more about the journey and our mentality.

Psycho Cybernetics Quotes

“We age not by years but by events and our emotional reactions to them.” –Maxwell Maltz

“The greatest mistake a man can make is to be afraid of making one.” –Maxwell Maltz

Psycho Cybernetics Summary Review

Psycho Cybernetics summary is directed toward eradicating the negative beliefs humans have for themselves. Our thoughts and imagination are more powerful than the importance we give them. Through this Psycho Cybernetics Summary, you can learn to program your mind for your benefit.

To Whom Would I Recommend Psycho Cybernetics Summary

  • To the millennial who has just started working and thinks he is doomed to failure.
  • To the fourteen-year-old who lets all the opportunities pass away because he has failed a couple of times.
  • And to everyone who wants to be more kind to themselves.

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