Puppy by George Saunders Summary – Perfect for Animal Lovers

Puppy by George Saunders Summary is a charming reminder of responsible pet ownership, perfect for animal lovers seeking valuable lessons.

Short SummaryPuppy by George Saunders

In Puppy by George Saunders Summary, a young boy named Bryan desperately wants a puppy, and after convincing his parents, he adopts one named Stinky. However, taking care of the dog proves to be harder than expected, and Bryan becomes overwhelmed. He eventually decides to find Stinky a new home and learns a valuable lesson about responsibility.

One-Line Summary.

A young boy named Bryan learns about responsibility after struggling to take care of his puppy, Stinky, in Puppy by George Saunders.

3-Sentence Summary.

In Puppy, Bryan convinces his parents to get him a puppy named Stinky but struggles to take care of him. Overwhelmed, Bryan decides to find Stinky a new home. Through this experience, Bryan learns about responsibility and the importance of making informed decisions.

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Main Points

  • The couple visits a pet store and is immediately bombarded with sales pitches for additional products and services.
  • The store employees use manipulative and confusing language to persuade the couple to buy more than they intended.
  • The couple becomes increasingly overwhelmed and anxious as the sales pitches escalate.
  • The darkly humorous and unsettling conclusion reveals the true nature of the pet store and its employees.

Before diving into the detailed Summary, it may be helpful to learn more about the author’s background and writing style.

About Author

George Saunders is an American writer who was born on December 2, 1958. He has written several critically acclaimed books, including “Lincoln in the Bardo” and “Tenth of December.” Saunders is known for his unique writing style that blends humor, satire, and social commentary. He has won numerous awards for his work, including the Man Booker Prize in 2017. Saunders is also a professor of creative writing at Syracuse University.

Puppy by George Saunders Detailed Summary and Review


  • Bryan a young boy who desperately wants a puppy
  • Bryan’s parents – initially hesitant to get a puppy, but eventually give in
  • Stinky – the puppy that Bryan adopts and struggles to take care of
  • Bryan’s friend – suggests finding Stinky a new home when Bryan becomes overwhelmed

In Puppy by George Saunders Summary, a young boy named Bryan wants a puppy more than anything in the world. He goes to great lengths to convince his parents to get him one, even resorting to bargaining with them and trying to prove that he’s responsible enough to take care of a dog.

Eventually, Bryan’s parents give in and take him to pick out a puppy. Bryan is overjoyed and picks out a cute little pup that he names Stinky. However, as the days go by, Bryan starts to realize that taking care of a puppy is a lot harder than he thought it would be. Stinky makes messes, chews on things he shouldn’t, and demands constant attention.

Bryan becomes overwhelmed and starts to feel like he’s not cut out to be a dog owner. He confides in his friend, who suggests that they try to find Stinky a new home. Bryan initially resists the idea but eventually decides that it might be for the best.

The story ends with Bryan and his friend taking Stinky to a new home, where he’ll hopefully be happier and better cared for. Bryan is sad to say goodbye to his beloved puppy, but he knows that it’s the right thing to do. He learns a valuable lesson about responsibility and the importance of thinking things through before making big decisions.

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Lessons We Understand

  • Wanting something badly does not always mean we are ready for it or capable of handling it.
  • Taking care of a pet requires a great deal of responsibility and effort.
  • It’s important to think things through and make informed decisions before taking on a big responsibility.
  • Sometimes, the best decision for everyone involved is to let go and find a better situation.

To Whom We Suggest Puppy

I would suggest Puppy by George Saunders to anyone who enjoys heartwarming stories about learning important life lessons. Additionally, It may be especially appealing to young readers who are interested in getting a pet. It is also for those who need a reminder about the responsibilities that come with pet ownership.

Conclusive Note

In my opinion, Puppy by George Saunders is a delightful and thought-provoking story that offers valuable insights into the importance of responsibility, decision-making, and letting go. The struggles of young Bryan and his beloved puppy, Stinky, in puppy, serve as a reminder of the challenges and rewards of pet ownership. The story emphasizes the importance of considering all factors before making a big decision. Whether you’re a fan of heartwarming stories, a pet owner, or simply looking for a meaningful read, I highly recommend Puppy as a must-read.

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