Quiet Power Summary, Analysis & Key Points

Author: Susan Cain, Erica Moroz, Gregory Mone

Quiet Power (2016) is a guide for introverts to understand their personality traits, what’s normal and not normal, how to handle their differences in the extroverted world, and how to build their confidence in social situations. Introverts are some of the most influential, creative, and intelligent people in history.
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Detailed Summary of Quiet Power

Each day, I hear someone comment on an extrovert’s incredible ability to create a scene or make others laugh. But what do you think of the quiet person? The one who prefers not to make noises or draw attention?

I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s easy for the quiet ones to get forgotten when people lust after power and fame. But, this is not the case for the quiet one. He’s the one who keeps on moving even when no one notices his presence. He’s the guy who tells us a joke without expecting anything in return.

Yet, there is another kind of power that is ignored. The power of introverts. Introverted people are those who often prefer to participate in smaller social gatherings. That is not to say they are shy or intimidated by large groups.

However, they will likely only speak their mind when they feel comfortable and at home. However, some quiet-power people prefer the background. They perform great in their arenas, whether it’s in the office or at home. Their talent and skills are not as apparent as those who need to be the center of attention, yet their accomplishments are impressive as well.

Unfortunately, extroverts generally get more attention than introverts who prefer to work in the background. The popular belief is that someone should try to emulate the qualities of an extrovert because it will lead to success.

Quiet Power Summary Key Points

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Do you like to attend ball parties or hang out with people or just want to sit at home peacefully and enjoy your own company? In the Quiet Power Summary, the author shares the immense ability of introverts.

The author emphasizes that although they prefer to stay hushed their achievements are always loud. Moreover, they are always on top whether it’s a group project or presentation. In the below key points, the competency of introverts has been discussed.

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There is nothing wrong with Introverts, It is just People don’t Understand them

Introverts are highly misunderstood, which is a problem because we live in a culture that values extroversion. Children are often labeled as introverted and shamed for it. There’s a lot of pressure on introverts to be more like extroverts and it’s causing a lot of harm.

Many people don’t understand that introverts get drained of energy and need alone time to recharge. Many introverts crave being around others, but the act of being “on” drains them.

This creates an issue in society that puts introverts at a disadvantage because they aren’t seen as extroverts. When it comes to work and networking, introverts are often overlooked as social butterflies who always want to network.

I’ve been told countless times that I’m “too quiet” or “too soft” to be heard. And I agree with those statements because I speak softly, make eye contact, and focus on listening to others in the room before I speak.

When networking, most people tell me that I should talk more about myself, but coming from someone who hated networking, I can tell you that introverts don’t love talking about what they do.

We are more interested in finding out what you do and how we can help each other but the world doesn’t understand the true power of introverts, who mistakenly think something is wrong with them. In reality, their preference to recharge alone is a gift. 

When it comes to Teaching, instead of Criticism, teachers should use more Encouragement

It’s no secret that school isn’t for everyone.  Sometimes it can be a very, very difficult place for students who might be more comfortable with writing and reading than verbalizing their thoughts out loud.  From childhood through high school and even college, quiet, introverted students learn to either tune out or speak up, but often not both.

This is nothing new; it just feels that way. With school shootings becoming more and more frequent in this country and the subject of bullying on the rise, it’s time for teachers to take a hard look at their classrooms, as well.  

Many teachers have become so focused on getting every single student to participate in the lesson that they forget that the real beauty of teaching is helping the students who aren’t as confident with their voices find a way to express themselves.

Teachers often assume that quiet student is not paying attention or not trying hard enough, which can cause them to lose confidence. The fact is that some students are quiet and that’s OK. When it comes to teaching, instead of criticism, teachers should use more encouragement. To help quiet students, teachers must be intentional about their teaching techniques.

Teachers should not only ask questions but also encourage students to make classroom discussions interactive by posing questions and assigning debate topics. Students are more likely to contribute when teachers allow time for discussion, rather than lecture.

Additionally, some students may prefer to write their responses instead of verbally presenting them, so teachers can allow them to do so by providing a space for them to do so.

If you want to be successful, use the Power of finding a quiet Spot, or good Friends

It’s ironic that many introverts have such large social networks and are such social butterflies. It is something that has put me in a situation where I have felt out of place or even overwhelmed at times.

Introverts do make great entrepreneurs, but they possess a trait that can be detrimental to their success. They have to deal with public speaking regularly, and it’s often preceded by the stress of networking.

As an introvert, it’s especially important to fight through the sensation of being overwhelmed. To be social does not mean you have to get swallowed up by the event itself. You can take some control and ensure that you get the most from your attendance.

Cain says that visualizing success is a quiet thing to do, but it can help you. Visualize because sometimes what you can do in your mind is much more than what you can do in real life

“A lot of times people are great at the team sport, but they don’t always put in the effort off the field,” says Cain. “They don’t do a lot of the work that they need to do to succeed in an individual sport.” Part of that work is visualizing success and believing in yourself.

Quiet Power Quotes

“Introverts tend to assume leadership positions within groups when they have something to contribute….they listen carefully to the ideas of the people they lead. All of this gives them a big advantage over leaders who rise to the top simply because they’re comfortable talking a lot or being in control.” –Susan Cain

“Keep in mind the words of Sir Winston Churchill: ‘Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” –Susan Cain

Quiet Power Summary Review

This is one of the great books I’ve read about introverts. The author explained everything along with the science of introverts. There are many things, tips, and strategies to learn as an introvert. Highly recommended.

To whom I would recommend the Quiet Power Summary

  • Anyone who is an introvert.
  • Anyone who does not like to socialize.
  • Anyone thinks they are quiet.

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