Reinventing Yourself Book Summary – April 2022

Author: Steve Chandler

Short Summary
Reinventing Yourself (1998) offers you a chance to restart your life with new routines, rules, and habits of your choice by giving back the control to you. We are responsible for creating our personas and to reinvent ourselves we need to get rid of all the negative thoughts and feelings that are holding us back. The book will make you realize that although you appear to be strong sometimes you victimize yourself so often that it holds you back from looking at things with a different and fresher perspective.
reinventing yourself book
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Detailed Summary

The book shifts the focus from seeking outside intervention to bringing a change towards what we can do ourselves for the betterment of our lives. Having written many books on self-growth, the author Steve chandler knows how we humans tend to feel as if everything that is happening to us is exceptionally cruel. As we have suffered all the bad things, bullying in school, isolated childhood, and failure we are the victims. This gives away the control we have over our lives.

The simple act of consciously addressing the fact that we can choose our emotions, responses to situations, attitudes, and perceptions inspires you to act instead of staying stagnant in one phase of your life. Victims use distractions to avoid addressing what needs to be changed but owners go straight to facing the challenges and understanding what needs to be done. While the victim will see a no as a no and get afraid an owner knows that if he navigates through, he will be able to find a way possible around situations that appear impossible

Reinventing Yourself Book Key Points

Don’t Let your Personality Become a Trap

When you label your personality as a type you are bounding yourself. Most people invent these labels and then limit themselves accordingly. This makes them feel trapped and they spend their whole lives this way. Some people on the other hand do realize this self-created barrier and push through. They think of what needs to be done and improved to reinvent themselves. They learn how to rethink and shed selves

Owner versus Victim Dichotomy

Most people play victim throughout their lives and this self-sabotaging behavior never lets them grow as a person. To reinvent yourself you need to shift the focus from being the victim to becoming the owner. The owners create their own opportunities and circumstances. With every step you take and every decision you make you should question yourself whether it is motivated by victimized or ownership thoughts. Owners tend to focus on what they want on the contrary victims focus on what they are afraid of. The choice you make with any of these inner feelings of association is what makes all the difference.

Change for the Right Reasons

Instead of just nagging and hating yourself for not being able to change. Rephrase the questions you want to ask yourself. are there certain aspects of your life that you are unable to enjoy just because you cannot change certain habits? Do your old habits bother and disturb your loved ones? Am I dragging them down with me? Am I okay with the fact that I am not living to the full of my potential? These questions will shift your focus from blaming yourself. They will put you on the road to self-growth and change.

Courage comes AFTER the act of doing something

The victim mindset will have you thinking that you need courage and bravery FOR doing something and if you do not have the guts and courage to carry out an action it would not happen. Steve chandler argues differently. He says that courage comes AFTER you have done what you deemed to be impossible or hard. If you are constantly checking with yourself: how do I feel about that you will lose sight of what needs to be done. So instead of trying to find the courage to do and overthinking something just do it. You feel brave and courageous as a result. Imagine ten things you would do if you had absolutely no fear. No doubts about your capabilities and no fear of the outcome. Now take one of them and start working towards it before you lose sight of why you are doing it and fall into the trap of fear.

Reinventing Yourself Book Quotes

“We either make ourselves miserable,” said the Brazilian sage Carlos Castaneda, “or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.” Steve Chandler

“On your death bed, you will not wish you had been more comfortable, or that you had found an even easier, softer pleasure zone to hide out in. You will wish you had ventured out more. That you had spoken up more. Tried some things. Reinvented yourself one more time.” Steve Chandler

Reinventing Yourself Book Review

Steve Chandler addresses his readers who are looking to change themselves very calmly and quickly rather than using the overly enthusiastic tone we find in most self-help books. The book opens up the possibility of change without any outside intervention to you. Overall, the book is very useful and engaging with realistic examples from the lives of the author and multiple other people and their circumstances as in Janis Joplin’s concerts and a Matt Lauer interview with Tiger Woods’ father. It is a very short and affirmative read that you can finish in a few hours and get confused.

To Whom I Would Recommend Reinventing Yourself Book

  • To anyone who is looking to develop a positive change in life.
  • Those who have suffered a lot in life are struggling to power through the victim mindset.
  • To anyone who wants to transform and break out of the personality labels they have created for themselves

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