Rejection Proof Summary – Master the Word “NO”

Author: Jia Jiang

Short Summary
Rejection Proof (2015) shares the author’s life experience and setbacks. Through his journey, he has motivated the readers how to cope with the rejection and fear of it. Most importantly that we can change the “No” into something positive.
rejection proof

“Rejection Is Human: Rejection is a human interaction with two sides. It often says more about the rejector than the rejectee and should never be used as the universal truth and sole judgment of merit.”
― Jia Jiang

Detailed Summary

In the book Rejection proof, the author Jia Jiang shares his journey and struggle to become an independent entrepreneur.

Although he was working at a reputable company and earning 6 figure salary, he wanted to do something of his own and was not happy with what he was doing. He wanted to be an independent entrepreneur.

When his first attempt to pursue his entrepreneurial dream ended in rejection, he started doubting himself. It was a major setback for him. But later on, he realized that his fear of rejection was the bigger obstacle. He figured out he needed to overcome the fear of rejection which hinders success. He has shared this journey in his book and inspired the readers to be more confident in dealing with rejections.

Rejection Proof Summary Key Points

When you have no fear of losing anything, amazing things happen. This book helps you understand the word “Rejection” and discover its benefits.

Rejection always feels Personal

The author says that rejections do not kill anyone but hurt a lot. This is due to the fact that we constantly take rejection personally. It’s difficult not to blame yourself when someone tells you “No” right in your face. Your unpredictable surroundings can be blamed for losing a job, failing an exam, or making a mistake. But it’s difficult to blame the waiter when your date says she doesn’t want to see you again after supper.

“In the end, what we really need is not acceptance from others but acceptance from ourselves.”
― Jia Jiang

The rejector gains power over the rejected, the transaction isn’t fair, and two persons who were before equal are now divided into the one who chose and the one who didn’t.

No “NO” is forever

The author says that there is no number for rejection. There comes a time when we succeed. All we have to do is try hard and accept ourselves. Every rejection has a number on it, keeping in mind that you may always adjust a few variables like the above three.

One of the most distinguishing characteristics of optimists is that they regard bad experiences as transient, situational, and impersonal. When you do the same thing with rejection, your entire outlook on it will shift. Because rejection is always a conversation between two or more individuals, it is always based on their perspectives.

However, because opinions are subjective, no single rejection is the result of a definitive or objective judgment about you as a person.

Every refusal is distinct, and each request will receive a different reaction, depending on a variety of factors such as the atmosphere, timing, and, of course, who you’re asking.

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Rejection is the Indicator of your Growth

“When you are not afraid of rejection, and it feels like you have nothing to lose, amazing things can happen.”
― Jia Jiang

The globe revolves around the sun, not the other way around, according to Galileo Galilei, Apple’s first tablet computer in 1993, and Twitter’s 140-character restriction. The masses laughed all three of these out of the room at first. Rejected. It took a long time for them to gain traction, but it turns out that all three were simply revolutionary concepts that were ahead of their time.

Rejection can indicate that you’re on to something big. Whether it’s authors getting turned down by publishers, concept automobiles never being produced, or companies struggling for finance, revolutionary ideas seldom spread quickly since the majority can’t grasp them yet.

Another lesson the book teaches is to keep pushing when it appears you’re being rejected just because herds of people don’t want to listen to you. The messenger isn’t necessarily the one who is insane.

Who would I recommend the Rejection Proof Summary to?

The book Rejection Proof is recommended to anyone who is healing and moving on from a toxic relationship. Moreover, anyone who blames themselves and questions their existence after a setback or rejection should read this book.

Rejection Proof Summary - February 2022

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