Relationship Goals Book Summary – August 2022

Author: Mike Todd Jr.

Short Summary
Relationship Goals (2020) is your guide to building healthy, long-lasting, and happy relationships with your partner, friends, and God. This book will help you to navigate through the heartbreak and disappointment of modern relationships.
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Detailed Summary

Relationship Goals book by Michael Todd junior is a compact read that can mend all of your relationships. It shows how all of our relationships are interconnected and for excelling in one you need to fix the others as well. Intentional dating will enable you to know a person better. While recreational dating and casual relationships are not worth your time and effort.

 Instead of looking for someone beautiful, rich, and in a great professional look for someone with kindness, integrity, and a good personality. These qualities will make your life much easier than marrying someone pretty and rich will.

Relationship Goals Book Key Points

We All Want a Long Lasting Relationship

Even if you sit around with your friends casually floating the, “Nah, I don’t want to get married” you actually do. The truth is all humans have an innate need to be connected and have a relationship that stands the test of time. We cannot survive alone and we certainly do not enjoy changing partners. Every human craves sustainability and value but the modern world has made it hard for a person to have a long-term relationship.

Why? Many of us are scared to be in one because of the increasing number of divorces and the celebrity break-up news every other day. ‘If they couldn’t make it work, how can I?’  is a question that pops up in the mind of a modern individual in the world of modern dating quite often. In the following relationship goals book key points, we will find why modern relationships fail so often and what we can do to achieve one that lasts.

It is not all Roses and Rainbows

Social Media can have you thinking that relationships are all about pretty pictures, massive surprises, unexpected gifts, and trips abroad. Open your Instagram or Facebook and I bet you will find many pictures like these. Even if you do not believe in such big unnecessary gestures, your mind is indirectly being fed by these images.

Michael Todd argues that a relationship is much more than the person’s financial status, looks, and career. If you go into a relationship expecting all these rose-colored things, you are more likely to end in disappointment and heartbreak. This is because you have unrealistic expectations that are totally materialistic.

Kindness, Integrity, and Forgiveness

So what are the right goals for a healthy relationship if not money, profession, and looks? If you turn to the Bible to find an answer you will be directed to look at the qualities. Qualities such as kindness, integrity, and forgiveness.

Try to find a partner who does not has a fragile ego that will get hurt while seeing you do more than they can. Someone who has a kind heart, and forgives your mistakes. Someone who would not shy away from showing you support and accepting your mistakes. You need peace and love in your life. Your relationship should not be just another battlefield for you. Find someone who has the tendency to bring goodness into your life and push you closer to God.

Fix the First Ever Relationship You Made

The first relationship of every human is his relationship with God. If you are doing everything right but still cannot find peace and comfort in your existing relationships try fixing the one with God Almighty. Michael Todd narrates the story of one of his close friends Doug. Doug had a loving relationship with his wife and children and his business was successful. Everything in his life was thriving. But he felt selfish, pessimistic, and frustrated. The reason was his lost faith in God.

In order to maintain a healthy relationship with his family, he had to fix his relationship with his creator only then he could a better person. Just like Doug, many of us need to work on our relationship with the Almighty. He can take things that are broken and put them back together. Ask him to grant you grace, patience, and integrity so that you become a grounded person.

Recreational dating vs Long Term Relationships

Casual relationships and short-term flings have become more common than ever but are they worth your time and energy? Sure, the short-term pleasure and happiness without much responsibility sound great but in the long term, it will just make you deeply unhappy and frustrated.

 In the relationship goals book, Michael Todd argues that everyone should date with an intention in his mind. One that is serious and pure. Bible tells us that marriage should be the ultimate goal of a relationship. So you cannot get into short-term flings and expect long-lasting happiness. Only date someone, who also has the same goal for the relationship as you.

Relationship Goals Book Quotes

“if you wouldn’t marry the person, don’t go out with him.” –Michael Todd

“All I’m trying to say is, a marriage is only as good as the individuals in it.” –Michael Todd

Relationship Goals Book Review

Relationship Goals book does a commendable job at addressing modern relationship problems and bringing solutions from the bible. It will teach you to mend your relationships with your spouse, God, and your family step by step. Overall, it is a light read that does a good job of showing what truly matters in relationships to the readers.

To Whom I Would Recommend Relationship Goals Book

  • To the thirty-two-year-old woman who wants to become a better wife and a better person.
  • To anyone who has had a bad experience in dating and wants to know what he can do to improve.
  • To the newly married couple looking for relationship books to explore together.