Resisting Happiness Summary – January 2022

Author: Mathew Kelly

Short Summary
Resisting Happiness (2016) reveals the formula of being happy in life. Mathew Kelly motivates us to go down the lanes of sadness, explore them and turn them into happiness.
resisting happiness
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Detailed Summary

In the book Resisting Happiness, Mathew Kelly tells us how to be happy in life and shares the mantra of happiness.

Almost every person today is trying to be happy and finding peace. Some of them has found their secret of happiness while others are disappointed and tried to always run after happiness.  To them, it feels like they can never catch happiness and real joy in their lives. The more they try to be happy, the more they get closer to the sadness. Stress, anxiety, worry and emptiness have become good friends who aren’t going to leave them ever.

Mathew Kelly in his book says that happiness is not easy to catch. Not even impossible. All you have to do is first figure out what’s bothering you and what makes you sad. When you get the answer, only then you will be able to remove that from your life in order to bring happiness in your life.

In Resisting Happiness, Mathew Kelly has shared his personal experiences and his journey of exploring happiness.

Resisting Happiness Key Points

Reading makes you happy

One of the secrets of happiness shared by Mathew Kelly in his book Resisting Happiness is reading. He says that reading really relaxes your mind and makes your mind happy. It guides you to do better in life. This is because when you are reading a book, you try to relate your life with it and it feels like the author is really talking to you. Whatever inspirations you take from the book or the life of the author, you try to adopt them in your life.

Mathew says that when he was in school, he did not like reading. Maybe because of a tough schedule, he couldn’t find time to read anything besides his course books. But then something inside him made him realize that he should start reading and the lack of reading is pushing him away from happiness.

Money can’t buy Happiness

Resisting happiness teaches us a lesson that money can never buy happiness. To advocate this, the author shared his story when he asked his neighbor Joe to plant trees at the elementary school down the street. He offered to give him $1000 an hour as the reward of planting trees. Joe accepted the offer and successfully planted the trees in few hours. He gave him his reward money. Joe got the money but he was not truly happy because he did not love doing it. He just did it for the money.

Instead, if he did it voluntarily without taking money. He would work hard for it and put efforts into it. It will not give him money but real happiness which is harder to find.

Enjoy being Alone

Another important lesson that Resisting happiness teaches us is that we should enjoy being alone. When you vibe alone, it will empower you. Be comfortable being alone. Stop depending on people. When you get comfortable in your own company, you will feel happiness in yourself and that will become your power.

Spend time alone, go on a date with yourself and recharge your soul. People who enjoy solitude never become co-dependent Solitude is the foundation of self-love. When you fall in love your yourself, you start accepting everything about you and it will give you inner peace.

Mathew shares his life story when he was in school struggling to have a better relationship with everyone. He was so drained that one day he took a day off. He went to spend some time alone. He spent some time in the mountains, closer to nature. Then he ate and watched movie. The best part was that he left his phone at home. That day he felt the most alive and felt what happiness really means.

Healthy relationships make you happy

As much as the author in his book Resisting Happiness, emphasizes being alone and get comfortable with it. He also says that find good friends and get closer to them. Having good friends is a blessing. Just don’t depend on anyone for your happiness.

He shares how his friends motivated him to do better in his life and how they played an important part in who I am today. He mentioned one of his friends in school, who played a major role in making me an extrovert.

Once in school, he insisted me to ask a girl for the homecoming dance. I got out of my comfort zone and asked her. Not only I felt happy after it, but I became confident. It was all because of my friend.

So, always find friends who motivate you to become a better person. Surround yourself with genuine and supportive friends. The number of friends does not matter. Even if you have only one but true friend and makes you happy. He is enough for you.

Resisting Happiness Review

Resisting Happiness is a remarkable book that inspires the reader to find the true happiness by exploring their sadness. The life experiences shared by Mathew Kelly motivated me to question myself where my happiness resides and Am I actually happy or just surviving life.

Who would I recommend Resisting Happiness summary to?

All those people in their 20s who are trying to find the meaning of life and figuring out where the true happiness lies, need to give this book a read. It will definitely inspire them. Moreover, people who are working days and night and are obsessed with making money needs to read this and understand that money can’t buy happiness.