So Good They Can’t Ignore You Summary – April 2022

Author: Cal Newport

Short Summary
So Good They Can’t Ignore You (2012) opens up your mind to what needs to be done if you want to gain satisfaction and autonomy in your work. The title of the book is by the famous Comedian Steve Martin and Newport converts the quote into a complete guide for attaining excellence in their career. The book focuses more on what you can do for your success instead of what the job market can offer you for you to reach your desired goals.
so good they can't ignore you summary
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Detailed Summary

So Good They Can’t Ignore You is a guide towards building a work-life that is economically successful and personally fulfilling.  Each one of us can’t have well-paid jobs based on our passions but we cannot let this keep us from creating a career and excelling at it. You just need to acquire the right skills and practice them to perfection.

Let your practice push you to such a stage where there is little to no competition and all it is left is to enjoy your work. Something that you have expertise and experience of. The book focuses on one main aspect: Becoming so skilfully developed and absolutely good at what you do that people cannot resist you. According to Newport most self-help books that are based on the ‘follow your passion’ agenda does not apply to most of the population and cause only stress and anxiety in the workspace.

So Good They Can’t Ignore You Summary Key Points

Do NOT Follow Your Passions

Throwback to the time when you had to pick up a major for your college and struggled in making a decision. Everyone around you including your family and seniors advised you to make a decision based on what you are passionate about. Well, Newport’s advice is a total three sixty degrees different from that. He advises you to look at the job market and develop skills that are going to make you more money than the rest of the fields. Your developed skills and numerous opportunities in the job market will keep you excited and eventually happier. The fields that you are naturally talented for and inclined towards may not have the best job opportunities. You might be happier if you limit your passions to hobbies and treat your career separately. 

The Passion Hypothesis is a Failure

Since the birth of the passion hypothesis in the late 1900s, more people have begun to quit their jobs and try to find newer ones that can align with their passions but most of our job markets are already saturated and not designed to facilitate everyone. This kind of job-hopping after every other month can only lead to frustration and unbalanced work life.

Do What You Love vs Love What You Do

According to Newport, loving what you do is a better approach to work than spending half of your life finding what you love. Try to develop a zest inside yourself for what you are doing. The keys to loving what you do are experience and expertise. If you are good at something and you have been practicing it for quite a while you are more likely to enjoy it. Look at your work from a fresher perspective. Find reasons to be passionate about it. Try to be autonomous. Know that you have control over how you show up and perform at work daily and develop a feeling of connection towards the people you work with.

Create and Adapt the Craftsman Mindset

Know that what matters most is the quality you bring to your work. No matter what is the nature of your work and where you work from if you practice and seek positive criticism you will be able to improve the quality of your work. work performed with skills and passion speaks for itself.

Seek the Right Career Capital

Instead of worrying about the “capital” you are going to invest or create worry about the skills you need to get the job done in the best manner. The right skills for your job will become your asset and that asset wouldn’t diminish in case you lose or change your workplace. Look for opportunities to gain skills, preferably rare and valuable. Keep adding to your skillset and practice the ones you have already developed. For example, if you are a writer the first and foremost skill you might need to develop is the usage of correct grammar. Then you can move towards developing your vocabulary set and later get feedback on your writing from your colleagues and writing fellows.

So Good They Can’t Ignore You Quotes

“You shouldn’t just envy the craftsman mindset, you should emulate it. In other words, I am suggesting that you put aside the question of whether your job is your true passion, and instead turn your focus toward becoming so good they can’t ignore you. That is, regardless of what you do for a living, approach your work like a true performer.” – Cal Newport

The happiest, most passionate employees are not those who followed their passion into a position, but instead those who have been around long enough to become good at what they do. On reflection, this makes sense. – Cal Newport

So Good They Can’t Ignore You Review

The book is a short and easy read that offers a more practical rather than philosophical approach to gaining satisfaction and a sense of direction in life. Instead of looking at what the world has to offer Newport argues that one should make himself capable enough so that he can offer things to the world through his skills.

To Who I Would Recommend So Good They Can’t Ignore You Summary?

  • To the millennials stepping into corporate life.
  • Young college students trying to pick their majors.
  • And to anyone trying to develop a proper work ethic.

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