Start Something That Matters Summary – March 2022

Author: Blake Mycoskie

Short Summary
Start Something That Matters (2011) inspires young entrepreneurs to start a business that is beneficial for themselves as well as society. In the book, the author has shared his life story of how he started his business when he saw poor kids barefoot in the village.
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Detail Summary

The book Start Something That Matters is written by an American Entrepreneur and author Blake Mycoskie. In his book, he has shared the background story of his famous shoe company TOMS. He told the readers how he got inspired to start the business and how we can start our own business that can not only facilitate us but others as well.

The author is the founder of the great shoe company TOMS that gives a pair of shoes to a poor child on every purchase. Blake got inspired to start the business when he was traveling to a village and saw many poor kids barefoot. And then he realized that there are so unprivileged people in our society that don’t even have enough money to afford shoes for themselves. Moreover, what really triggered him was that because of not wearing shoes, they are more likely to get a wide range of diseases. Since then, he couldn’t stop thinking about those poor kids and he wanted to do something to help them and many other poor kids in our society.

So, first, he thought about starting a shoe-based charity but being an entrepreneur, he realized that this is his niche and he should start a business that helps poor kids. So, he started a shoe-based company that gives a pair of shoes to a poor kid on every one sold.

Through the background story of TOMS, the author gives the lessons to the readers to start something that not only gives benefit to you but to the society as well. Moreover, start your business keeping in mind what you are good at.

Start Something That Matters Summary Key Points

Turn your creativity into Business

The book motivates us to start a business after examining ourselves and what we are good at. This means that we are all creative at something so we should utilize our creativity and start our business.

When we do something that we love then we can stay more focused on our work. It helps us to grow and make money easily. Moreover, we can help others as well through our start-up.

Here one thing that the author wants to tell to the readers is that it’s important to start a business with a huge amount or investment. Simplicity is the key and utilizing the creative mind. Just like Blake who didn’t even have enough money to acquire business cards in the beginning. After scratching out the original information, he handwrote his name and contact information onto other people’s business cards.

The tinkered cards were well-received since they demonstrated to potential investors and business partners that he was truly frugal and committed to not squandering money when inventive solutions were available.

We can conclude that a lack of resources does not have to keep you back. Instead, they can be a chance to create a sustainable business strategy built on simplicity.

Overcome your fears

Although fears are a part of every success story and its natural but the key is to never let your fears control you and come in between your success.

The author motivates the readers to acknowledge their fears. Moreover, the author shares the recipe the overcome the fear that if you truly want to overcome your worries, you must delve a little deeper. So, first and foremost, figure out what you’re actually terrified of. This is a skill that will help us for the rest of our lives, but we rarely use it.

Just like Blake, even though this business was his dream and what he believed to be his life’s purpose, he was also terrified. He didn’t have unlimited resources at his disposal and he had no business acumen to rely on. All he had was passion and a dream. And although that might seem glamorous and idealistic, like the sort of rags-to-riches success story we romanticize in movies, to the author, it was actually very scary.

So, in order to overcome his fears, he started making a list of his fears. He categorized it by two columns: one which listed the things he was afraid of and one outlining the possible outcomes if his worst fears came true. For example, his biggest fear was that no one would buy his shoes. It was, indeed, the worst thing he could think of.

However, he discovered that writing it down took some of the power away from his dread. Faced with his dread on the page, he decided to confront it with reasoning and investigate other options. Sure, that was the worst-case scenario, but… even if it came true, he had at least tried, right? Along the way, he’d made several new friends. He had fired a shot. Even if the worst happened, he would learn something new and become a better person as a result of it. And all of a sudden, he wasn’t so terrified.

Importance of storytelling in marketing

The book teaches us that while marketing a product, storytelling is very important as compared to plain facts. This is because after hearing an emotive tale about a product, customers are willing to pay extra for it. Customers that were told the same product’s facts and stats were only willing to pay half the price. Good stories work because they accomplish more than just selling a thing. They also establish an organization’s values and give it a personality. Stories must elicit emotion and develop a connection between the customer and the organization in order to be truly effective.

Just like the author who began his career as an economist with no retail experience and little start-up cash – all he had was a desire. For every pair of shoes sold in stores, he wanted to contribute one pair to an Argentine youngster. His basic proposal caught the attention of a reporter from a major Los Angeles newspaper, and the following publicity boosted his business significantly. People rushed to get their hands on a pair of TOMS shoes in order to be a part of the amazing story.

TOMS is now a highly successful corporation that benefits both disadvantaged children and the company’s employees, just a few years later.

Who would I recommend Start Something that Matters book to?

The book Start Something that Matters is highly recommended to young entrepreneurs who want to start their businesses. The book will guide them about business strategies. Moreover, how to overcome fear in order to achieve your goals.

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